Nagarpur Zamindar Bari, Tangail – A Wonderful Tourist Spot in Bangladesh

Nagarpur Zamindar Bari is located at Nagarpur Upazila in Tangail District. Tangail has the Dhaleshwari River on its Eastern side, and the Jamuna River flows on the Western side of the district. Nagurpur’s Zamindari started in the mid 19th century by Jodunath Chowdhury.


Name: Nagarpur Zamindar Bari
Location: Nagarpur Zamindar Bari, Tangail,Bangladesh.
Destination: Dhaka to Tangail
Transport:  Dhaleswari Service, Jhotika Service, AC BRTC, etc bus services 
from Moakhali Bus Stand but at Kollanpur Bus Stand etc.
Fair: BDT 250 to 500(Bus)
Time: 3.5 - 4Hours (Bus)
Explore: Nagarpur Zamindar Bari ,Tangail,Bangladesh.
Distance: 104 km from Dhaka.
Cost: Depend to coverage tourists spots.
Accommodation: Hotels,resorts available.
Food: Available.
Advice: Keep dry foods, water, medicines, saline, glucose, extra money, and kits.

The Nagarpur Zamindar Bari consists of a vast complex which is also locally referred to as Chowdhury Bari. It is an ideal tourists’ spot, particularly for those tourists who love to visit historical places. There are some buildings which are in good shape, but most of them are in ruins. The Bangladesh Government uses some of the buildings for various purposes. For example one of the good buildings of the Zamindar Bari is used as Nagarpur Mohilla Degree Collage. In some of the sections which are in a state of disrepair, there are bats. They rest in the afternoon, and in people’s presence the bats fly away and the flapping of their wings create wind can be a surprising thing to experience.

Nagarpur Zamindar Bari Tangail

The way to Nagurpur is really exciting. The usual way to visit Nagarpur Zamindar Bari is through the Dhaka Tangail Highway. Tourists can get on buses such as Nirala Service, Dholeshwar Service, etc. There are also many AC buses through which tourists can visit Tangail through the Ashulya road. Apart from that, there are train services through which tourists can also visit Tangail. From Tangail tourists can take CNG to visit the Nagarpur Zamindar Bari. Moreover, tourists can take another route to reach Nagarpur.

They will have to go to Gabtoli, and from there, tourists will have to get on a bus by the name of Village Line. Village Line Bus will take the tourists to Dhuburia Bus Stand, and from there, tourists will have to hire a CNG to reach the Nagarpur Zamindar Bari. Also, they can take a CNG earlier on the route by getting down from the bus on Manikghonj Bus Stand and from there they will find CNGs available which will take them to Nagarpur Zamindar Bari through beautiful villages with a wide spread of green field and grasses. The total cost of visiting Nagarpur is below 500 per person. Tourists with private vehicles can directly visit the Nagarpur Zamindar Bari.

Living Accommodations in Nagarpur

There are various hotels in Tangail where tourists can stay after visiting the Nagarpur Zamindar Bari. Tangail town is 30 minutes distant from Nagarpur. Some names of the hotels are:

1)Mosque Road, Tangail

phone: 0921-53154


2) Al Faisal Hotel Residential

Mosque Road, Tangail

phone: 0921-53918


3) Hotel Sagor Residential

Newmarket Road, Tangail

phone: 0921-54308


4) Apharin Hotel

Mosque Road, Tangail

Mobile: 01916782389


5) S.S rest House

Akuratakur para, Tangail

phone: 0921-55180


6) Rural Electrification rest House


phone: 0921-53390


7) L.E.G.D rest House (Government)


phone: 0921-54261

8) Sugandha Hotel

Old bus stand, Tangail

Mobile -01674-346815


9) Nirala Hotel

Nirala Mor, Tangail

phone: 0921-61363


10) Piyasi Hotel

Nirala Mor, Tangail

phone: 01711-352493


11) Hotel Kicokhon

Nirala Mor, Tangail

phone: 0921-55219


12) Hotel Aditya (residential)

Madhupur, Tangail

Mobile: 01716-796065


13) Hotel from touch (residential)

Madhupur, Tangail

phone: 01717218799


14) Salban Residential Hotel

Madhupura, Tangail

Mobile: 01713-462103


15) Islamia guest house

Madhupur, Tangail

Mobile: 01917566234


16) Vai Vai guest house

Madhupur, Tangail

Mobile: 01190975539


17) Jamuna Resort Ltd.

syamasaila Vinod luhuriya kalihati, Tangail

Phone: 09239-76032-4

Fax: 09239-760325


18) Elenga Resort Limited residential hotels

Elenga kalihati, Tangail

phone: 02-9884322

Fax: 02-9881290