Muktagacha Zamindar Bari, Mymensingh – A Great Tourist Spot in Bangladesh

Mymensingh is considered to be one of the oldest places in Bangladesh. It has many archeological and historical sites. One of the sites is the Muktagacha Zamindar Bari. This brilliant historical place is situated in the heart of the Muktagacha Upazilla which is 16 kilometer from the central town of Mymensingh. It is believed that the Jamindars which ruled in Muktagacha came from North Bengal.


Name: Muktagacha Zamindar Bari, Mymensingh
Location: Muktagacha Zamindar Bari, Mymensingh,Bangladesh.
Destination: Dhaka to Mymensingh
Transport: Shoukhin Paribhan, Ena Paribhan, SEPL Paribhan bus Service from 
Uttara , Moakhali Bus Stand etc.
Fair: BDT 250 to 350 (Bus)
Time: 3.5 - 4Hours (Bus)
Explore: Muktagacha Zamindar Bari , Mymenshing ,Bangladesh.
Distance: 127 kilometers of Chittagong.
Cost: Depend to coverage tourists spots.
Accommodation: Hotels available.
Food: Available.
Advice: Keep dry foods, water, medicines, saline, glucose, extra money, and kits.

When the first ruler named Srikrishna Acharya arrived in Muktagacha, a local inhabitant named Muktaram Kormokar greeted them with a large lampstand that was made from brass. In that portion of the then Bengal, people call a lamp stand as Gachha. This gratitude filled welcome pleased the Zamindar, and they have renamed the area as Muktagacha using that inhabitant’s name and the lamp stand’s local name.

Muktagacha Zamindar Bari Mymensingh

Srikrishnan Acheyra built the Muktagacha Jamindari formerly known as Binodbari. History signifies that the Muktagacha Zamindarbari along with the palace is almost 300 years old. This place is terrific for all those tourists who love to visit a historical place filled with the aura of antiquity. However, this old house from Muktagacha covers a vast area, though most of the structures are in deplorable condition. The locals stole few things, and others are just dilapidated for not taking any care. If more tourists visit this place it will attract the attention of the government, and this place can be preserved as an outstanding location as far as the history of Bengal, and a historical heritage of Bangladesh, are concerned.

How to travel to Muktagacha Jamindar Bari

From the town hall Mor of the Mymensingh city, you can take either CNG driven auto rickshaw or any local bus for Muktagachha. It may cost 30 Taka per person and required around half an hour to reach Muktagacha. From Muktagacha, you can take a rickshaw to reach that Zamindar House.

To reach to Mymensingh from Dhaka, there are various buses such as Shoukhin Paribahan, Ena Paribahan, SEPL Paribahan etc. Maximum of the buses leave from Mymensingh from Moakhali Bus Stand from where tourists will find various other buses as well which departs from Mymensingh. The price of tickets would range from 250 to 350 taka per person. There are several train services from Dhaka to Mymensingh. It takes almost 3 hours to reach Mymensingh from Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. You can get on from the Dhaka Airport, or you could go to the main train station-Komlapur Rail Station.

Some of the other tourist’s spots in Mymensingh are

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  • Anai Bazar Dighi,
  • Bibir Ghar at the Putijana Union.
  • Bhaluka Upazila
  • Ruins of Neelkuthi at Birunia,
  • Neshaiganj Mosque,
  • Mosque at Bhaluka Bazar on the bank of river Khiru.
  • Nandail Upazila
  • Muazzamabad Mosque (1493-1519)
  • Tomb and khanqa of Jahangir Shah at Jahangirpur village
  • Dhobaura Upazila
  • Mughal Mosque and Pathar Kata Dighi at village Darsha,
  • Kamaksha Mandir at village Ghoshgaon,
  • Vishnu statue of black basalt weighing 40 kg 500 gm (in the museum)
  • Dharma Shah Dighi at village Langal Jora.
  • TrishalUpazila
  • Jami Mosque at Darirampur (Mughal period)
  • Rajbari at village Sankibhanga in Mokshapur union
  • Gauripur Upazila
  • Mud-built defense wall of the capital of Umar Khan (seventeenth century),
  • Tomb of heroin Sakina at Maoha (seventeenth century),
  • Kellah Bokainagar Shahi Mosque (built by Khwaja Usman Gani during the reign of Emperor Alamgir)
  • Single domed Isulia Jami Mosque (Mughal era)
  • Muhuria Jami Mosque (Mughal period),
  • Mosque at village Kumrigram (built by Dewan Umar Khan).
  • Muktagachha Upazila
  • Bhuiyanbari Mosque
  • Gopal and Shiva Mandir at the Atani Zamindar Bari (18th century)
  • Anandamoyee Kali and Shiva Mandir
  • Lakshmikhola Shiva Mandir
  • Tomb of Kutub Shah at Kutubpur
  • Joyen Shah tomb at Rasulpur
  • Tomb of Kali Shah Dewan.
  • Muktagacha Jamidar Bari
  • Rajbaris of Gauripur
  • Ishwarganj Upazila
  • Bhulsoma Jami Mosque (1600)
  • Naluapara Jami Mosque (1625)
  • Gaffargaon Upazila
  • Tomb and Dighi of Kalu Shah,
  • Dui Satiner Dighi (Dighi of two fellow wives),
  • Dighir Par Mosque (1392 AD),
  • Lakshmi Narayan Jeu Mandir (1335 BS),
  • Kali Mandir at Shibganj (Sultanate period)