Rajbon Bihar Rangamati – A Beautiful Tourist Spot in Bangladesh

Tradition and serenity are the synonyms of Rajbon Bihar, which is one of the well-known tourist places of Rangamati. Rajbon Bihar is a symbol of secularity as it is one of the loveliest Buddhist temples of Bangladesh. The temple is 1 km far from Moitri Vihar situated at Rangamati municipality. It is precisely located at Rangamati district, a few kilometers from the main bus terminal of the district.


Name: Rajbon Bihar 
Location: Rajbon Bihar, Rangamati, Bangladesh. 
Destination: Dhaka to Rangamati 
Transport: Shyamoli Paribahan,Unique Service,S.Alam Paribahan,Saudia Paribahan etc 
bus services from Uttara Fakirapul, Saydabad etc. 
Fair: BDT 400 and more (Bus) 
Time : 7 – 8 Hours (Bus) 
Explore: Rajbon Bihar,Rangamati ,Bangladesh. 
Distance: 322 kilometers from Dhaka. 
Cost: Depend to coverage tourists spots. 
Accommodation: Hotels available. 
Food: Available. 
Advice: Keep dry foods, water, medicines, saline, glucose, extra money, and kits.

It is a Pindapata temple, and about 50 to 70 monks reside here regularly. There is a seven stored building where the name of each floor represents a paradise, and in reality, the atmosphere of this place will create a sense of ambrosia. Entering into the central prayer area, there are some small prayer halls inside, where you will always find some people praying and searching for the meaning of life. The musk of Buddha, Prepared from bronze is kept with a wall for the tourist inside the Bihar. No matter where you are looking at that musk, you’ll feel that it’s looking only at you.

Rajbon Bihar Rangamati

Visitors are requested to keep in mind that it is a place of deep reverence and prayer. Hence anything, which does not go by the Buddhist teachings must be avoided to respect the residents’ belief and culture. You must have to enter that place with bare feet to respect their tradition. In Rajbon Bihar, one will find many monkeys playing around the Place, and they can give them some food or nuts to be a part of their daily life. There is the eldest monk, named “Ven Sadhanananda Mahathero (Bana Bante),” who is around 94 years of old, and lots of Buddhist used to visit with a tribute to get Please from him, and the god.

Living Accommodations in Rangamati

Tourists will have to move to Rangamati town from Rajbon Bihar to stay for the night.

Hotels in Rangamati where tourists can stay might include Hotel Green Castle, Hotel Saikat, Needs Hill View, Hotel Diamond, Hotel Mountain View, JamJam Ghat, Hotel Mehedi, Hotel Anika, Hotel Al Moba, Hotel Hill Address, Hotel Sufia International; and most of the hotels located at Reserve Bazar, Rangamati, Bangladesh.

Besides, Government Resting Places in Rangamati-

Circuit House

Address: Amanat bagh, Vedvedi Area,Rangamati.



Forest Rest House or BON BIVAG Rest House

Address: Banarupa, Rangamati.


LGED Rest House

Address:T.N.T Area(near Rangamati General Hospital),Rangamati


USAI Rest House

Address:Amanatbagh, Vedvedi Area, Rangamati


Zila Parishad Rest House

Agricultural Division (Krishi Bivagh) Rest House

Address: Tribel Adam,Banarupa Area

Tel: 0351-62324(office);0351-66146(Res)

Electricity/Power Development Board Rest House

Address:Champpok nagar, Banarupa


BISIC Rest House

Address: Near Rangamati Stadium

Tel: 0351-62037(office)

Parjatan Holiday Complex

Address: Near Boarder Guard Bangladesh(BGB) Sector,Tabalchari Area,Rangamati

Tel: 0351-63126(office)

How to visit Rangamati

Transportation and accommodation system in Rangamati is excellent. There are lots of government, and private rest house, residential hotels, motels, boarding, and resorts are available in Rangamati for the tourist to stay. There are AC and Non AC bus services in Dhaka to Rangamati. Shyamoli Paribahan, Unique Service, S.Alam Paribahan, Saudia Paribahan, etc. transports are the direct bus services from Dhaka to Rangamati. Price of tickets is near round 400 taka per person. From Rangamati all tourists places such as Rajbon Bihar can be reached by auto rickshaw or tempo very easily.