Bangabandhu Safari Park: Explore Wildlife, Forest Together

The Bangabandhu Sheik Mujibur Rahman Safari Park, situated in Gazipur’s Piruljali Union. The Piruljali Union located at the Bara Rathura sub-district. This Safari Park was inaugurated in 2013, and the park exists in an area of 4909 acres of forest land. The whole park consists of Sal forest, and it is a significant park where the animals this Safari Park hosts are kept secure and in an environment very close to nature.


Name: Bangabandhu Safari Park
Location: Bangabandhu Safari Park ,Gazipur,Bangladesh.
Destination: Dhaka to  Gazipur
Transport: Balaka Bus, Probathi Bonosree, BRTC  etc bus services 
from Saydabad, Gabtoli etc.
Fair: BDT 60 – 100 (Bus)
Time: 1.5 - 2Hours (Bus),
Explore: Bangabandhu Safari Park ,Gazipur,Bangladesh.
Distance: 38 km from Dhaka.
Cost: Depend to coverage tourists spots.
Accommodation: Hotels available.
Food: Available.
Advice: Keep dry foods, water, medicines, saline, glucose, extra money, and kits. 
Open from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. every day.

Many interior plan of this Safari Park was done being inspired by the Thailand Safari World, and this place is indeed a fantastic place for family tours, or for those who love animals they must visit this Safari Park. There are various animals which roam in open natural spaces. For example, in public fields, there are leopards, tigers, lions and bears walking and doing their natural activities.

Tourists can witness this and genuinely see this is a marvelous experience. There is a bulletproof car where tourists will have to pay 100 taka. This car will take tourists on a tour where they will be able to observe tigers and lions roaming in open fields; such an up-close view of wildlife for those people who live in urban areas is truly scintillating and fantastic. The car reaches very close to the lions and tigers and from sometimes tigers and lions lick the car window, runs with the car.

bangabandhu national park

The Safari Park is wonderful in this sense that it has created for the tourists and visitors such a situation that they feel adventurous and at the same time wonderful. There are deer of various species in the Safari Park, tourists can touch them and cuddle with them as deer is a harmless, innocent and loving animal. Butterfly and Ducks of various species also are present in the Safari Park.

There are majestic peacocks, a wide variety of species of birds which are absolute feast for the eyes as their physical appearance are truly nature’s greatest aesthetics. In each step in the Safari Park, for example to see Kangaroo and Duck there is a section in which tourists will have to pay 50 taka or less to enter, to enter the car for the Safari tour tourists will have to pay 100 taka, to see the birds 10 taka is generally charged.

Tourists also can ride on the back of massive Elephants which is also indeed a fantastic experience. From such a high point all the way above the back of the Elephant is a bit scary but absolutely an exciting event and all tourists should indeed try this.  Due to the immensity of the place the maintenance cost of the Park is also big, and with it there are animals of various kinds which needs proper take care. For all these a visit to the Park might be a bit expensive compared to the National Zoo but the experience is 100 times wonderful at the Bangabandhu Safari Park. There are lots of open space to relax in a nature surrounded area as well.

How to visit the Bangabandhu Safari Park

The Safari Park is very near from Dhaka. It would take the tourists somewhat around 2 hours or less to reach the Safari Park from any points of Dhaka. Gazipur is very near from Dhaka City, and there are buses which directly take tourists to the area where Safari Park in Gazipur is situated. Tourists can hire private cars as well to go to the Park, or if they want there are many intercity buses such as Balaka Bus, Probathi Bonosree, BRTC buses amongst the local buses, and also BRTC AC buses which will be able to take the tourists to Gazipur from Dhaka.

It is best if tourists hire a car for a whole day, visit the Safari Park and return to Dhaka by evening as the Safari Park remains open from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. every day. The Bangabandhu Safari Park is just 52 kilometres from Dhaka city.

Some valuable information about the Banga Bandhu Safari Park-

Ticket Price:

Adult Per Person- 50 TK

Infant Per Person- 20 Tk

Students Under 15 Years- 10 TK

Student Group Tour (40-100)- 400 TK

Student Group Tour (Above 100 Students) – 800 TK

Foreigner- 5 USD

Parking Fee:

Bus/ Coach/ Truck- 200 TK

Minibus/ Microbus- 100 TK

Car/ Jeep- 60 TK

Auto Rickshaw/ CNG- 20 TK

Visiting Safari Park with Car Inside:

Safari Jeep (Child) – 50 TK

Safari Jeep (Adult) – 100 TK

Bus- 100 TK