Panchari Shantipur Aronno Kutir: A Historical Buddhist Community

Shantipur Aronno Kutir is situated in Panchari sub-district under the district of Khagracharri. Panchari is renowned for having a natural beauty filled with evergreen hills and the diffusion of vast lush greenery covering the horizon and the places beyond the eyesight. The Panchari Shantipur Arnoon Kutir is a holy place for Buddhists from all over the world.


Name: Shantipur Aronno Kutir
Location: Shantipur Aronno Kutir, Khagrachari, Bangladesh
Destination: Dhaka to  Khagrachari
Transport: Shamoli Paribahan, Hanif Enterprise etc bus services from Fakirapul, 
Saydabad, Kalampur, Panthopath etc.
Fair: BDT 600 and more (Dhaka to Khagrachari)
Time: 7-8 Hours
Explore: Shantipur Aronno Kutir, Khagrachari, Bangladesh
Distance: 289 kilometers from Dhaka city.
Cost: Depend to coverage tourists spots.
Accommodation: Hotel,Motel etc available in Khagrachari.
Food: Available.
Advice: Keep dry foods, water, medicines, saline, glucose, extra money, and kits.

Also, this place stands as a symbol for all the Buddhists of Bangladesh as the largest statue of Gautama the Buddha is situated in this location. Shantipur Aronno Kutir stands on an area of 65 acres of land. Tourists can visit this place and see the grace of Shantipur Aronno Kutir due to the presence of the Buddhists who are so much nature and peace loving people, and also for the enchanting natural beauties of the place. The Shantipur forest also offers small retreats, hovels, for Buddhists to meditate. With the enchanting natural landscape and the transcendental aesthetics of Gautama, the Buddha’s vast sculpture tourists are sure to experience something different by visiting Shantipur Aronno Kutir.

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Tourists can also visit Shantipur Aronno Kutir and buy some local products such as handmade products for household and even cloths such as mufflers, bed covers etc. made of cotton made by handloom.

How to reach Shantipur Aronno Kutir?

There are two ways to reach to Khagrachorri, and from there one can quickly go to Shantipur Aronno Kutir. Tourists can directly travel to Khagrachori by bus via Baroiar Hut or go to Chittagong, and through Chittagong then visit Khagrachori. There are many bus services such as Hanif Paribahan, Shamoli Paribhan etc. and they depart from various points from Dhaka such as Fakirapool bus station, Gabtoli bus station etc. The price of the bus ticket is near around 600 taka and more. There are both AC and non- AC buses. It takes 7 to 8 hours to reach Khagrachari from Dhaka. From Chittagong town, Khagrachari is 112 kilometres away.

The distance of Panchari from Dhaka is 289 kilometres and from Chittagong 142 kilometres. After reaching to Khagrachari town, tourists can take a Chander Gari or jeep, private vehicles or take the public bus, or hire an auto rickshaw and travel to Panchari Shantipur Aronno Kutir. The cost of travelling from Khagrachari town to Shantipur Aronno Kutir depends on the type of vehicles, for hiring a Chader Gari for a single day it would cost around 4000 to 5000 taka, public buses would require much lower, 70 or 80 taka, or a bit more, for each person. Also, travelling groups with 5 to 6 members can easily hire two auto rickshaws and travel to Shantipur Aronno Kutir.

Living Accommodations and Food Facilities

There are living accommodations in Khagrachari town as well as food facilities. Tourists can hire a hotel at Khagrachari town, visit Shantipur Aronno Kutir and come back by evening and rest for the night and have dinner at Khagracharri town. Hotels such as Hotel Jiran, Hotel Emang, Hotel Loibat etc. are some amongst the many hotels available for tourists in Khagracharri town. The prices for non AC rooms in these hotels are near around 800 to 1000 taka, and double bed AC rooms will cost near around 2000 taka or more per night.

In Panchari bazaar there are local restaurants where tourists can have their lunch and food shops where dry foods are available. There is a restaurant in Khagrachari known as System Restaurant which is considered to be the best restaurant of Khagrachari. Tourists can easily visit Shantipur Aronno Kutir and return to Khagracharri town for the night. There are no living accommodations and food facilities available in Shantipur Aronno Kutir, so it is advisable for tourists to carry food and drinking water with them. However, tourists must ensure of not contaminating the place, and Shantipur Aronno Kutir is a holy place for the Buddhist.