Rakhain Para Bangladesh: A Fantabulous Tourist Spot

The Rakhine Para of Cox’s Bazar, or area, is known to host a small community of Bangladesh known as the Rakhains which is situated 2 kilometres from the Khurushkul Union. From Cox’s Bazar town Upazilla Council, the Raikhan Para is 9 kilometres. The Rakhine Para is a place also known as the “Rakhain Polli”. There are many Rakhain communities in Bangladesh, and they inhibit the coastal areas of Potuakhali, Borguna and Cox’s Bazar. The people of Rakhain migrated in Bangladesh from Myanmar. According to the information in Wikipedia 2,346,000 is the total population of the Arakanese people out of which 207,000 live in Bangladesh.


Name: Rakhain Para
Location: Rakhain Para ,Cox’s Bazar ,Bangladesh.
Destination: Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar.
Transport: Green Line bus service, Shoag, Hanif Paribhan etc bus services 
from Uttara Fakirapul, Saydabad , Kalampur,Panthopath etc.
Fair: BDT 800  to 2000 (Bus), Airplane would cost 20000 taka or more
(Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar )
Time: 10 –12 Hours (Bus),30 minutes (Air).
Explore: Rakhain Para ,Cox’s Bazar ,Bangladesh.
Distance: 9 kilometers way from Cox’s Bazar town
Cost: Depend to coverage tourists spots.
Accommodation: No living accommodations
Food: No food facilities.
Advice: Keep dry foods, water, medicines, saline, glucose, extra money, and kits.

The Rakhine Para is a place where tourists will able to witness beautiful natural sceneries. There are trees, an abundance of lush greenery and fresh air. In the journey to the Rakhain Para from Cox’s Bazar town or Khurushkul Union tourists will have to cross a path filled with enchanting dense forests can be noticed covering both sides of the roads and the villages of the local Rakhine people as one approach near to the Rakhain Para. The Rakhains are beautiful people, very hospitable and the Rakhian Para has many places, of short distances, which the tourists can roam around.

If the tourists take a guide, then it would be more convenient as those who like to can enter the forests that surround the area. Apart from forests, there are tree-filled spaces where one can take rest for sometimes admits fresh air and under the soporific shades of the trees. The Rakhine Para is a less visited place for tourists recently and therefore for those tourists who are looking for some quiet place to just relax and enjoy the serene environment of nature Rakhain Para is undoubtedly the place for them.

The geographical location of Rakhain Para is very aesthetic. Choufaldi canal and Bharuakhali canal in the north and Bankkhali River in the south makes Khurushkul, and Rakhain Para, a place of enchanting natural beauty. Silt flown from the river and beautiful inhabitants makes Rakhain Para one of the prior places to visit when tourists come to Cox’s Bazar.

How to visit the Rakhain Para?

The Rakhine Para is a place situated in Cox’s Bazar. As a result, tourists will have to reach Cox’s Bazar first to visit Rakhain Para. There are some ways to go to Cox’s Bazar. Through bus, one can go to Cox’s Bazar, and there are various bus services which depart from multiple points in Dhaka. For example Green Line, Soudia S Alam, Eagle Paribhan etc. are names of the bus services and they depart from areas such as Arambag, Fakirapool etc. It takes 10 to 12 hours to reach Cox’s Bazar from Dhaka, and the cost of the tickets depends on the wide range of services a tourist can avail for him/herself.

For example, AC bus has one ticket cost; deluxe AC bus has another ticket cost etc. It is wise to go to the counters of these service providers and know the price of the ticket. Through train also service, however, tourists must go to Chittagong by train and take the rest of the journey to Cox’s Bazar, which takes 2 hours from Chittagong, by bus or car. Through aeroplane, one can also go to Cox’s Bazar, and it takes 30 minutes. The cost is high but the service is excellent, and there are many US Bangla private flights from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar. It will cost the tourists 1100tk (A/C Bus) and 560tk (Non-A/C Bus) on an average scale. Through aeroplane, one can also go to Cox’s Bazar, and it takes 30 minutes. The cost is high but the service is excellent, and there are many US Bangla private flights from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar.

Once tourists reach Cox’s Bazar, they will find CNG, a baby taxi which runs on gas, and auto rickshaw and they can directly go to Rakhain Para. For tourists who have private vehicles, they can ask any of the local people of Cox’s Bazar town, and they will provide with a specific guideline of how to go from Cox’s Bazar to Rakhain Para.

Living Accommodations and Food Facilities

There are no living accommodations and also no food facilities. Tourists, therefore, must take dry food and drinking water with them while visiting Rakhain Para. However, if tourists can manage to have lunch or brunch with the Rakhain people that would be a different thing to experience.