Patabari Buddhist Temple: The Oldest Astonishing Temple

Patabari Buddhist Temple is a temple within Chittagong Division. A temple is a place located in Patabari. To visit Patabari Buddhist Temple tourists need to go to an area known as Ukhia Upazilla which is 32 km away from Cox’s Bazar town. The Patabari Buddhist Temple has situated just around 1 kilometre away from Teknaf- Cox’s Bazar- Arakan Highway in the Ukhia Upazilla or sub-district.


Name: Patabari Buddhist Temple
Location: Patabari Buddhist Temple, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh
Destination: Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar
Transport: Green Line bus service, Shoag, Hanif Paribhan etc bus services 
from Uttara Fakirapul, Saydabad , Kalampur,Panthopath etc.
Fair: BDT 800  to 2000 (Bus), Airplane would cost 20000 taka or more
(Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar )
Time: 10 –12 Hours (Bus),30 minutes (Air).
Explore: Patabari Buddhist Temple ,Cox’s Bazar ,Bangladesh
Distance: 32 kilometer away from Cox’s Bazar town
Cost: Depend to coverage tourists spots.
Accommodation: Parjatan Hotel,Hotel,Motel,Rest house etc available.
Food: Available.
Advice: Keep dry foods, water, medicines, saline, glucose, extra money, and kits.

How to reach Patabari Buddhist Temple

Tourists wanting to visit Patabari Buddhist Temple can first visit Cox’s Bazar and then go to the Temple. There are some ways to go to Cox’s Bazar. Through bus, one can go to Cox’s Bazar, and there are various bus services which depart from multiple points in Dhaka. For example Green Line, Soudia S Alam, Eagle Paribhan etc. are names of the bus services and they depart from areas such as Arambag, Fakirapool etc. It takes 10 to 12 hours to reach Cox’s Bazar from Dhaka, and the cost of the tickets depends on the full range of services a tourist can avail for him/herself.

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For example, AC bus has one ticket cost; deluxe AC bus has another ticket cost etc. It is wise to go to the counters of these service providers and know the price of the ticket. Train services are also available, however, tourists must go to Chittagong by train and take the rest of the journey to Cox’s bazar, which takes 2 hours from Chittagong, by bus or car. Through aeroplane, one can also go to Cox’s Bazar, and it takes 30 minutes. The cost is high but the service is good, and there are many US Bangla private flights from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar.

Also, tourists with private vehicles can directly go to Cox’s Bazar- Arakan- Teknaf Highway. There are buses which directly go to Teknaf from Dhaka. Tourists can get in these bus services and go to Cox’s Bazar- Teknaf- Arakan Highway. From the highway, the Temple is at a walking distance, and from Cox’s Bazar there are transport services available, mainly buses, which will take the tourists directly to Ukhia Station. From Ukhia Station there are auto rickshaws available which will take tourists directly to Patabari Buddhist Temple.

Living accommodations and Food facilities near the area of Patabari Buddhist Temple

Recommended hotels in Patabari are Moricha Palong High School Hostel, 9 kilometres away from Patabari Buddhist Temple, is situated in Cox’s Bazar Teknaf Highway and Palong Garden Community Center, 4-kilometer northwest from Patabari Buddhist Temple situated in the same place. Ruhullar Doba is another place located at Cox’s Bazar Teknaf Highway where tourists can spend the night. The contact number of Ruhullar Doba is +880 1814-156244. Tourists can also visit this place and return to Cox’s Bazar town and stay at the hotels in Cox’s Bazar but it is advisable for tourists to spend the night in the hotels above and experience the enchanting beauty of the night near the Teknaf- Cox’s Bazar- Arakan Highway. Costs of the hotels above in Teknaf- Cox’s Bazar- Arakan Highway are very reasonable.

There are many food shops in Ukhia Upazilla where tourists can find dry food. There are also tea shops and local restaurants. Tourists can find many local food items, and also traditional rice and curry items are available at local restaurants. Some of the hotels also have restaurants attached with them in Ukhai Upazilla.

The natural beauty of Patabari Buddhist Temple

Patabari Buddhist Temple is situated in an area which is estimated to be 15 meters above sea level. The place is astonishing as the surrounding area of the Temple is very natural. There are trees and dense forests, and the landscape which can be seen from the Cox’s Bazar- Teknaf- Arakan Highway is filled with mountains spreading like waves covered with trees. The air is fresh, and the view is stunning to watch.

From the Pataban Buddhist Temple, the landscape view can be seen, mountains covered with trees in a shape of tangled waves overlapping each other throughout the horizon. The statue of Buddha is an amazing site to see the natural beauties and to spend some relaxing time with family and friends or to admire nature, and it’s enchanting and stunning manifestation one must visit Pataban Buddhist Bihar.