Lalakhal Sylhet – Most Attractive Tourist Spot in Bangladesh

Lalakhal is one of the most visited places in Sylhet. It is a fact that tourists and travelers adore Lalakhal as each year so many tourists visit Lalakhal.


Name: Lalakhal 
Location: Lalakhal,Sylhet ,Bangladesh
Destination: Dhaka to SylhetTransport: Hanif Enterprise, Ena Transport (Pvt) Ltd, 
etc. bus services from Shamoly, Rajarbag, Saidabad etc.Train and airplane service 
are also available.
Fair: BDT 400 to 1100 (Bus), BDT 2300 – 8500 (Air),BDT 150 – 1020(Train)
Time: 6-7 hours (Bus), Air 45min (Air), 8 hours (Train).
Explore: Lalakhal, Sylhet, Bangladesh
Distance: 400 km from Dhaka.
Cost: BDT 1000 to 3000 (Microbuses ),BDT 70 to 80 (legoona )
Accommodation: Hotels, Cottages etc available.
Food: Available.
Advice: Keep dry foods, water, medicines, saline, glucose, extra money, and kits.

A land covered with hills of various size and shapes which is an absolute treat for the eyes, the rivers under the Jainta Hill which flows from India and enters into Bangladesh travels along the way as it take turn, the breeze of the Riverside wind as it touches one’s face are things which will surely touch a tourist’s heart and will leave an impact at the core of his/her travelling experience.

Lalakhal also has a natural forest with lalakhal resort and at the bank of the river Saree, near its Eastern side, there is the beautiful Lalakhal Tea Garden. The water of the river Saree exists within the distance from Lalakhal to Sarighat and contains in store for the tourist a beauty which is very hard to see and experience throughout the whole of Bangladesh.

The distance of Lalakhal to Sarighat is approximately 12 kilometer. In different parts of the area in the river Saree, there are areas where other rivers intersect as the water flows. In various areas of the river Saree, multiple colors of the water can be seen. For example, in one part of the river the color green can be seen, and in another part of the river, the color blue can be seen.

Lalakhal Sylhet Tour

The water remains transparent which adds an aesthetic sense to the whole stunning atmosphere of the place. The reason for the water being transparent is the mix of the river water with soil and with it mixing of the ground of the river.

Apart from that, there is a wide area of mountain and tourists who like to explore the forest areas in Lalakhal can indulge themselves in seeing unique and different areas and sights. Clouds can be seen embracing with the hills above and slowly passing away, the flow of the river constantly moving into an uncharted destination towards the expanse of the oceans, the river and the green forest and the tea garden all makes Lalakhal a must go for all tourists and travelers.

The night scene of Lalakhal, and particularly the bank of river Saree which touch the tea garden factory, is the most astonishing thing ever to experience. From the dusk as darkness starts to diffuse the quality of Lalakhal changes as a different splendor diffuse through the area.

The distance of the Lalakhal Tea Garden area takes approximately 40 minutes to travel if one travels through the river Saree. The distance of Lalakhal from the central town of Sylhet is a bit far, and as a result, boats remain no longer available in Lalakhal after evening.

However for tourists who really want to spend the night in Lalakhal and enjoy the sound of silence as it brings out into the darkness a beauty very genuine and pure; one can stay over the riverside of Lalakhal in a resort known as Northern Resort. There is another resort known as Nazimghor Resort which is very near from Lalakhal. However those tourists who want to leave Lalakhal and spend the night in Sylhet must go by evening as after evening there remains no way, particularly through water, to return to the central town of Sylhet.

Also, it is advisable for tourists to book the resorts at Lalakhal beforehand just for them to be on the safe side.

The Expenses For Touring Lalakhal:

There are various categories of expenses involved in the tour of Lalakhal. Firstly from Dhaka to Sylhet, there are a bus, train and airplane services which are available. The cost of traveling by road will be from the range of 400 taka to 1100 taka. The cost of traveling by train will be from the range of 150 taka to 1020 taka.

However, there is another price range available and their information is available in Komolapur Rail Station. Traveling by airplane will cost Taka 4000 which is the lowest to 8500 taka which is the highest price. However, these rates vary from airline service providers to providers. The time of bus journey takes approximately 6 hours, of train journey it takes 7 hours approximately, and by air, it would take less than or close to 1 hour.

After traveling to Sylhet, from there to Lalakhal there are cars and microbuses and tourists at the cost of within the range of 1000 taka to 3000 taka can take these services. Microbus costs more than hired cars, and public transport from Sylhet to Lalakhal is also available in the form of bus and legoona (a pickup van whose pickup space is covered and passenger seats are planted in the pick-up space) which costs 70 to 80 taka.

Once in Lalakhal the price of boats vary but are usually within the range of 600 to 800 taka. Finally, if any tourist wants to say at Lalakhal, particularly in the Nazimghor resort, the prices are near around 7000 taka and 15000 taka for premier suite and presidential suite respectively.

For further detailed information, tourists can visit the websites of the Nazimghor Hotel or get the phone number of these resorts and directly contact them for knowing the expense.