Pangthumai Waterfall, Sylhet – Fascinating Tourist Spot in Bangladesh

Panthumai, also written as Pang Thu Mai, is another tourist hub in Sylhet which is situated in Gowainghat district. Tourists visiting this village can see the Panthumai waterfall, which is actually situated on the Indian border. Through Panthumai a wonderful scene can be observed of the waterfall as it rushes down in a scintillating force.


Name: Panthumai 
Location: Panthumai ,Sylhet ,Bangladesh
Destination: Dhaka to SylhetTransport: Hanif Enterprise, Ena Transport (Pvt) Ltd 
etc bus services from Shamoly, Rajarbag, Saidabad etc.Train and airplane service 
are also available.
Fair: BDT 400 to 1100 (Bus), BDT 2300 – 8500 (Air),BDT 150 – 1020(Train)
Time: 6-7 hours (Bus), Air 45min (Air), 8 hours (Train).
Explore: Panthumai (Peain River),Sylhet ,Bangladesh.
Distance: 400 km from Dhaka.
Cost: Depend to coverage tourists spots.
Accommodation: Hotels ,Cottages etc available.
Food: Available.
Advice: Keep dry foods, water, medicines, saline, glucose, extra money, and kits.

The atmosphere of the place is thrilling and simulates a sense of awe for those who visit Panthumai. Panthumai is a unique place as it consists of a grandeur scene, the Barahill falls, and with that the distant hills of various range surrounding the area.

Panthumai Waterfall has a different aura which can only be experienced by visiting the place. Tourists of all types, from those who like a quiet place to sit and relax and enjoy the scenario to those who like to roam around, for all of them Panthumai has in store a package of genuine and wonderful experience. The river Peain flows just beside Panthumai and tourists traveling through boat upon the Peain can see a canvas of nature alive with freshness and vitality. It goes without saying that like many other places in Sylhet, Panthumai can be experienced to the fullest in monsoon season.

Pangthumai Waterfall Sylhet

Often many tourists regret a bit for not being able to see the Panthumai waterfall closely as it fell on the Indian side of the border, however, the beauty which lies on this side of the border is also not anything less. In particular during the time of sunset if one looks at the sky it takes a different color and forms a different layer, a deep shade of blue and above that a deep orange topped by an unknown color paving the way for the night to fall.

Witnessing such scenes is really graceful to watch as the beauty of nature finds an expression filled with splendor and grandeur for the tourist. Also for those who want to take pictures to box memories of beautiful places and for nature photographers, Panthumai is a heaven for them. In a different time of the day the environment takes on different beautiful appearance and even in the cloudy dark sky the wind blows revitalizing the tourists.

The Peain River is also another marvelous place to swim near its bank, float and relax and enjoy the scene around. There are BGB and BSF soldiers all around for border control and an advantage of that is the place is very safe to relax and enjoy the various scenarios.

How to Reach Panthumai from Dhaka?

Tourists have to go to Sylhet through traveling by road, railway or air. There are bus services at various points in Dhaka such as Green Line Paribahan in Rajarbag, Shamoli Paribahan whose counters are in Arambag and Sayedabad area of Dhaka, Hanif Paribahan etc. Tourists can search online and obtain relevant information about traveling to Sylhet by road.

Apart from that, there are train services available at Kamolapur Railway Station. Tourists can also travel by air and will have to land in Sylhet Osmani International Airport. After reaching Sylhet tourists have to go to Gowainghat, in an area known as Halderpar. From Halderpar there are boats which take tourists directly to Panthumai. The river journey is safe as life jackets are available from where the boat departs, and in particular, for those tourists who love boat ride journey, Panthumai is the best place for them.

Food and Accommodation

Regarding food and living facilities Panthumai is similar to other places in Sylhet like Ratargul. No living facilities can be availed by the tourists in Panthumai since it is a village filled with natural sceneries and the fact that it is associated with a border area.

However, there are some food resorts available in Panthumai due to the opening up of a local restaurant but still, it is wise for tourists to carry personal food, particularly light food. However, the tourists can easily stay at Sylhet and make a trip from Sylhet to Panthunai and by evening or night can return to Sylhet and find a variety of hotels to stay and foods to eat at an affordable price.