Jaflong Sylhet – Most Beautiful Tourist Spot in Bangladesh

Jaflong is situated right on the border between Bangladesh and the Indian Meghalaya States. A river by the name of Mari, which directly comes from the Himalayas, flows beside Jaflong. Jalong is arguably one of the most renowned tourist spots in Bangladesh.


Name: Jaflong 
Location: Jaflong, Sylhet ,Bangladesh
Destination: Dhaka to Sylhet
Transport: Hanif Enterprise, Ena Transport (Pvt) Ltd etc bus services from Shamoly, 
Rajarbag, Saidabad etc.Train and airplane service are also available.
Fair: BDT 400 to 1100 (Bus), BDT 2300 – 8500 (Air),BDT 150 – 1020(Train)
Time: 6-7 hours (Bus), Air 45min (Air), 8 hours (Train).
Explore: Jaflong, Sylhet, Bangladesh
Distance: 60 kilometers from Sylhet Sadar.
Cost: Depend to coverage tourists spots.
Accommodation: Hotels ,Cottages etc available.
Food: Available.
Advice: Keep dry foods, water, medicines, saline, glucose, extra money, and kits.

In Jaflong, a tribe name Kashai has been living for many generations, and tourist can have an up close and personal experience with the Kashai people visiting Jaflong. Every year hundreds of tourists, from Bangladesh as well as from all over the world, visit Jaflong.

Jaflong is a place of mesmerizing beauty. Tourists can see the process of collecting stunning stones by the stone carrying boats standing by the side of the Jaflong River, or even can swim and relax in the river and observe the various beautiful stones of Jaflong. The river Goyain of Jaflong is stunning in appearance as the water of the river is fully transparent and tourists can see the wonderful variety of stones in Jaflong and fishes and other animals swimming underneath.  

jaflong sylhet tourist spot

Jaflong is very famous, since the British era, for its stones. Also, tourist can rent a boat and travel and see the spectacular river Mari whose origin point is in the ancient Himalayas.

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Furthermore, nearby tourists spots from Jaflong are Lawachawra Forest, one of the national sanctuaries of Bangladesh, the Majar of Shah Jalal and Shah Poran. Another place which is just five kilometer from Jafllang is Tamabil where exist an immigration point between Bangladeshi and Indian citizens through which, with a valid passport, tourists can cross the border. Moreover, for those people who are travel hungry and always remain in a constant look out for a good destination, Jaflong is highly recommended.

Jaflong is a place which can provide the tourists an experience of immense refreshment. The beauty of nature available in Jaflong can be found in the tranquility and harmony persisting in the stones, water, distant trees and the sky. The experience of this tranquility can make tourists and travelers refreshed and rejuvenated from the tiring and repetitive urban life.

Tourists can feel and experience the real beauty of Jaflong if they visit the place in rainy season, particularly starting from the mid or end of April till the End of August. The rain revives and creates magic in the place called Jaflong.

How to travel from Dhaka to Jaflong?

The distance of Sylhet from Dhaka is approximately 310 kilometer, and the distance of Jaflong from the central town of Sylhet is 60 kilometers. Through a car, it usually takes 6 hours to reach Jaflong through the Dhaka-Sylhet Highway. There are numerous bus services available at various points in Dhaka such as Shamoly, Rajarbag, Saidabad etc. which can take people to Jaflong.

Apart from the bus, there is train service available through which tourists can travel to Sylhet from Dhaka, and if the tourists are to avail themselves of the train service they will simply need to go to the Komolapur Railway Station and get on the trains that go to Sylhet. There are services such as Joyantika Express and Kalani express. By train, it usually takes 7 hours to reach Sylhet.

There is yet another medium through which tourists can visit Jaflong and that is by air. Tourists going through the air will have to land in Sylhet Osmani International Airport and then take car or jeep to travel to Jaflong.

Food and Accommodation

Since Jaflong is 60 kilometers away from the central town of Sylhet, it is highly advisable for the tourist to start their journey from the central town of Sylhet to Jaflong as early as possible in the morning and arrive before night.

Jjaflong Sylhet hotel price varies from hotel to hotel. There are many hotels around the river Jaflong where tourists can eat their lunch or brunch, but also it is better if tourists take with them some food such as light snacks. There are many hotels and motels available in Sylhet of various price ranges, and hence there are suitable hotels for tourists of all budgets. Apart from that local as well as international food is available at a reasonable and affordable price.

The expense of arriving from Dhaka to Sylhet

Traveling to each and every tourist spot of Sylhet, a tourist will have to arrive at the central town of Sylhet and from that point, they can choose their different direction. As a result, the costs of traveling from Dhaka to Sylhet by various mediums are important to mention.

From Dhaka to Sylhet there are a bus, train and airplane services which are available. The cost of traveling by road will be from the range of 400 taka to 1100 taka. The cost of traveling by train will be from the range of 150 taka to 1020 taka. However, there is other price range available and their information is available in Komolapur Rail Station.

Traveling by airplane will cost taka 4000 which is the lowest to 8500 taka which is the highest price. However, these rates vary from airline service providers to providers. The time of bus journey takes approximately 6 hours, of train journey it takes 7 hours approximately, and by air, it would take less than or close to 1 hour.