Explore Sreemangal, Sylhet – A Beautiful Tourist Place

Despite being a small administrative unit, an Upazilla, under Moulvibazar district of Sylhet, Sreemangal exists as a prime place for tourists’ attraction having earned the recognition of being a town under the British colonial era in the 19th century.


Name: Explore Sreemangol
Location: Explore Sreemongol, Bangladesh
Destination: Dhaka to Sreemangol
Transport: Many bus services from Shamoly, Rajarbag, Saidabad etc.
Fair: BDT 280 to 500 (Bus)
Time: 6 - 7 Hours (Bus),
Explore: Sreemongol, Bangladesh
Distance: 234 kilometers from Dhaka
Cost: Depend to coverage tourists spots.
Accommodation: Hotels available.
Food: Available.
Advice: Keep dry foods, water, medicines, saline, glucose, extra money, and kits.

Although the first-ever tea garden in Sylhet is known to be Malnichara, which was established near Sylhet city in 1854, however in Sreemangal town, surrounding the hills and mountains, large tea estates found its prime location. Currently, the niche of tea estates exists inside Sreemangal.

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The only tea research institute of Bangladesh, BTRI, is a popular tourist destination of Bangladesh is located in Sreemangal. Easily accessible from Dhaka by road or train, Sreemangal has a bunch of things to offer for the tourists. Filled with beautiful tea gardens, towering hills and hosting the famous Lawachawra Forest, this place can arguably be said to be the number 1 tourists’ spot of Bangladesh.

Tourists traveling around Sreemangal will discover and experience the lush green areas which surround the area. The beautiful scenic beauty will welcome the tourists, lands stretched over the horizon with abundant greenery, the birds singing in the morning and the shading pineapple and lemon trees are truly the best experiences with nature tourists can get, and Sreemangal offers this in every corner of its area.

BTRI is just two kilometers away from the Sreemangal town. Tourists can easily visit the BTRI by rickshaw or CNG-run auto-rickshaw. With permission from the authority, tourists can enter the BTRI and be fascinated by beautiful flower gardens, age-old tea plants, a tea factory, a testing lab and many more.

Explore Sreemangal, Sylhet

The famous Tea gardener Ramesh Ram Gour sells tea in a variety of colors and flavors sells tea just outside the BTRI premises.

Sreemangal is also surrounded by some beautiful and stunning Natural Lakes. There is the subliminal Varuna Lake surrounded by beautiful lush green trees and, as the many areas of Sreemangal hosts, tea gardens. Rajghat Lake is 30 kilometers from Sreemangal town which is another lovely Lake filled with trees where tourist can rest near the Lake and witness the various shades of greenery. Madhabpur Lake, which is situated on the Patrakhola Tea Estate is another amazing place, and truly a must visit for tourists. Near around this Lake tourists will be able to witness water lilies of various colors which are an absolute feast for the eyes, and also various birds are chirping and singing which makes this place a paradise of nature filled with the experience of bliss.

Baikka Beel is another place in Sreemangal tourists must visit if they are in Sylhet or Sreemangal. It is a place which is enriched with natural beauties, wild animals and a 600 square kilometer of enchanting beauty. In Baikka Bill there is a swampland of 100 hectares which is conserved by the government.

In the winter season, this swampland is inhabited by migratory as well as local birds. An observation tower has been built there for the convenience of tourist from where tourists will be able to see the real beauty of Sreemangol and realize the heart of nature indeed rests in Sreemangol.

Sreemangal is a location of unparalleled beauty, and all tourists at least for once must experience the subliminal beauty of Sreemangol.

How to visit Sreemangol, Sylhet

Tourists can visit Sylhet by bus train or air. Through a car, it usually takes 6 hours to reach Jaflong through the Dhaka-Sylhet Highway. There are numerous bus services available at various points in Dhaka such as Shamoly, Rajarbag, Saidabad, etc. which can take people to Jaflong. Apart from the bus, there is train service available through which tourists can travel to Sylhet from Dhaka, and if the tourists are to avail themselves of the train service, they will simply need to go to the Komolapur Railway Station and get on the trains that go to Sylhet. There are services such as Joyantika Express and Kalani express. By train, it usually takes 7 hours to reach Sylhet.

There is yet another medium through which tourists can visit Jaflong, and that is by air. Tourists going through the air will have to land in Sylhet Osmani International Airport and then take car or jeep to travel to Jaflong. From Sylhet, tourists can take a bus to reach Sreemangal which takes around 2 hours and 21 minutes. The cost of a bus ticket from Sylhet to Sreemangal is very cheap. The bus journey is also fantastic as it travels through paths which are surrounded by lush greenery and hills which are stunning to watch.