China Matir Pahar, Birishiri, Netrakona – Tourist Places in Bangladesh

In Birishiri of Netrokana, there is a mountain of the porch, which has woken up in this blue-green lake. The color of the white soil has made the color darker. But you cannot see this beautiful scene without going to Birishiri.


Name: China Matir Tilla
Location: China Matir Tilla , Birishiri, Bangladesh.
Destination: Dhaka to Birishiri
Transport: Many buses services from Uttara, Moakhali Bus Stand etc.
Fair: BDT 200 to 250 (Bus)
Time: 4 - 5 Hours (Bus)
Explore: China Matir Tilla, Birishiri,Bangladesh.
Cost: Depend to coverage tourists spots.
Accommodation: Hotels available.
Food: Available.
Advice: Keep dry foods, water, medicines, saline, glucose, extra money, and kits.

You will have to go to the hill for a little bit further in the Bijoypur China Mati’s Hill. 7 km northwest of Durgapur Upazila Parishad, the white soil of Bijaypura at Arpara and Maijpara Mouza of Kullagara union is located. It is one of the biggest areas of white soil in Bangladesh as a wealth of nature. This lowland and highland region of the China Matir Tilla or hill is about 15.5 kilometers long and 600 meters wide across the small tall hills and plain land.

According to the Mineral Resources Development Bureau, in 1957, the amount of sardamite is estimated to be 24 lakh 70 thousand metric tons in this region, which can meet the requirements of 3 hundred years of Bangladesh. This is a brilliant tourists spot of Bangladesh, very resourceful and immensely beautiful. Tourists can climb the hill and experience the fantastic site from the hilltop view. By crossing Shomeshwari River tourists will have to cross the up and down half constructed roads of Bijaypur to reach the China Matir Tilla or Hill.

China Matir Pahar, Birishiri

How to visit China Matir Pahar, Birishiri

Tourists will have to visit Durgapur, and from there cross the Shomeswari River to visit the China Matir Tilla. To visit Durgapur from Dhaka tourists have a couple of options for traveling.

Durgapur by Bus from Dhaka:

    Direct buses are available to Durgapur (Route Direction is: Dhaka-Mymensingh-Shamgonj-Jaria-Durgapur)

    Go to Mohakhali Bus stand, search Dhaka-Durgapur bus counter which is adjacent to other counters of Greater Mymensingh bus route.

    Ticket fare is Tk. 300/- (it is a direct bus, and bus quality is not so gorgeous). The advance bus ticket is not available; all tickets are instant and available at the “Shusong Durgapur” Bus counter of Mohakhali Terminal.

    The last bus from Dhaka to Durgapur leaves around 5 pm. But it is advisable not to take the bus after 3 pm from Dhaka as it is around a 6/7 hours journey, and you may arrive there late at night and may have problems getting local transport once you reach there.

    The first bus leaves from Durgapur toward Dhaka around at 8.00 AM in the morning.

Durgapur by Bus from Mymensingh:

    You have to take the local bus from Mymensingh at the bus terminal near Brahmaputra bridge for a “Mymensing-Durgapur” route.

Durgapur by Private Transport:

    You can alternatively hire a microbus or take a private car to travel to Durgapur.

    You can visit by CNG. The CNG stand also located at Mymensingh Bridge.

    The route towards Durgapur doesn’t touch Netrokona Town.

    There is a Petrol pump (and last one) at Jhanjail (just entrance of Durgapur Thana area) of Durgapur.

Durgapur by Train:

    There is no direct Train to Susang Durgapur from Dhaka. The last train station ( the route is: Mymensingh-Jaria-Mymensingh) is located at Jaria. Then after 13 KM, Susang Durgapur is located. Very recently, Mymensingh-Jaria-Mymensingh Train service along with the route is improved, and somebody prefers to avail this Train especially who desires to go to Durgapur from Mymensingh.