Chera Dwip, St. Martin’s Island: A Place For Coral Evolution

St. Martin is a coral island with beaches filled with coconut palms and a perfect place to spend your vacation initiating Chera Dwip. It is about 10km south-west of the Cox’s Bazar Teknaf peninsula. St Martin is situated in the southernmost of Bangladesh.The main attraction of St. Martin is its crystal blue water. The local name of the place is “Narikel Jinjira” which means Coconut Island. St Martin’s Island is the most tropical tourist spot in Bangladesh.


Name: Chera Dip, St Martin, Cox's Bazar 
Location: Chera Island, Probal Island, St Martin, Teknaf, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.
Destination: Dhaka to  Cox’s Bazar
Transport: Green Line bus service, Shoag, Hanif Paribhan etc bus services from 
Uttara Fakirapul, Saydabad , Kalampur,Panthopath etc..
Fair: BDT 800  to 2000 (Bus), Airplane would cost 20000 taka or more(Dhaka to 
Cox’s Bazar )
Time: 10 –12 Hours (Bus),30 minutes (Air).
Explore: Chhera Island, Probal Island ,Teknaf ,Cox’s Bazar ,Bangladesh.
Distance: 400 kilometers from Dhaka
Cost: Depend to coverage tourists spots.
Accommodation: Hotels,Motel etc available.
Food: Available.
Advice: Keep dry foods, water, medicines, saline, glucose, extra money, and kits.

Visitors of the island will go through a marvelous experience. Far from the madding crowd of Cox’s Bazar, St Martin’s Island has in store for the tourists a quiet and clam marine life with tropical palm trees and blue sky in the day. Tourists can relax, let go of their stress and worry and be just still and like the trees lying down near the sea beach. The quietness and silence of the beach can only be experienced rather than described.

The fresh air helps you to purify your soul and calm your mind. It is a place far from the urban crowd and noise where you may end up deciding to stay for rest of your life. The moonlight is another attraction of St. Martin; you can go for a long walk with your beloved ones, family or friends and enjoy the soothing environment of the place. The sea-food has its variety and amazing tastes. The two most beautiful beaches are Chera Island and Probal Island.

Chera Dip St Martin
Chera Dip, St Martin

Chera Dip, or Island, is an extension of St. Martin’s island. At some time of the year the island is divided by sea tides, however, at other times tourists can walk to Chera Dip. For those tourists who dislike walking for them, there are local motorboats which can take them to Chera Dip. The Chera Island is about 8 km west of the northwest coast of Myanmar, at the mouth of Naf River. This island is surrounded by coral reef, and there is a small bush there which is the only green part of this beach. As no one lives there, tourists go too early and come back by afternoon. Chera Dip is a wonderful place to visit with friends and families. Tourists can visit both Chera Dip and Probal Dip by walking from their hotels in St Martin’s Island.

These are fabulous places to visit. Chera Dip is a natural paradise. In sunset the whole appearance of the sky changes which can be observed both in Chera Dip and Probal Dip.

In Probal Dip or Island, the most amazing and joyous thing for tourists would be to take a bath to the sea beach. The waves are subliminal when they arrive at full throttle and makes one fully wet with sea water. There are places to sit just near the sea beach, and amazing natural coconuts are available in Probal Dip. The frontal view of the area consists of the magnificent sea, and on the other side, Probal Dip is filled with trees. Although there is not much greenery except for tropical tress to see in St. Martin’s Island in Cheera Dip and Probal Dip many trees can be noticed. Apart from that, the coral is another fascinating thing in the Probal Dip.

How to Visit Saint Martin

At first, you have to come to Teknaf, if you want to go to St. Martine from Dhaka, or Chittagong or Cox’s Bazar. If you are particularly going from Dhaka, many bus services are available in Saydabad and Fakirapur bus station. It will cost you 1100tk (A/C Bus) and 560tk (Non-A/C Bus) It must be remembered that you have to tell your bus stuff before to let you down at Teknaf Ship Station, in case tourists want to go to St. Martin’s Island from Teknaf. Once you reach Teknaf, you have to take a ride on sea truck or ship to go to St. Martine. But sea trucks are the safest and comfortable. It will take 3 hours to reach there, and the cost will be 750tk, or more, per person in the economy class with a return ticket. Carie Sinbad is the most comfortable sea truck. These sea trucks usually leave at 9.00 pm every morning and return from St. Martine at 3.00pm on the same day.

Rickshaw vans are only available on the island, and they will cost you 100tk + in the peak hour, but in the off-peak hours, the vans will cost 20tk. If you particularly want to visit Chhera Island, speed boats and shallow engines go to this island every morning around 8-9 am. About 15-20 minutes in Speed boats and they will cost 100tk for each person. 50 minutes in the Shallow engines.

It is wise for tourists when they visit St Martin’s to stay over the night as there are many hotels available from various price ranges. Tourists can select a hotel according to his/her budget. The sunset scene and the night walk near the beach are amazing experiences.


There are many good qualities of hotels for tourists with a different price. From Dhaka tourists can only book in two hotels:

CTB Resort’s Executive Double:

Room fares are: 2000/- Taka,

Executive Triple room 2400/- Taka,

Deluxe Double room 1600/- Taka,

Two bed’s Taboo 1000/- Taka.

Saint Martin resort’s Executive room

2000/- Taka,

Deluxe 1800/- Taka and different type of cottage fare are daily 1200-2000/- Taka.

Contact – 8358485, +880 1552 420 602.

It without Saint Martin’s different good quality is hotel – Blue Marine Resort, Prashad Paradise, ShimanaParia, Nil Digonto Resort, Hotel Prince St.Martine etc.

Food Facilities

The best restaurant in St. Martine is Narikel Jinjra Resturant Site, and it is also music eco-resort where you can find delicious seafood, BanglaChinese, buffet lunch and BBQ. Food prices are affordable which will cost you between 50tk-1000tk depends on your food order. Other than this restaurant you can also go for St. Martin Village Restaurant and Pizza Vito as well. In case of visiting Chera Dip and Probal Deep, it is better to see Chera Dip and then walk over to Probal Dip.

The places are very near to each other as St. Martin’s is not that much big of an island, and the walk near the beach will also be memorable and a blissful experience. It is wise for tourists to keep with them drinking water and beverages them efficiently as the price of water and food in St Martin’s Island is a bit higher. In Chera Dip there is a family who offers the tourists many food items such as food, rice, curry etc.

Tourists can also try the local shutki fish items. These fishes are unique to taste and perhaps will not be suitable for all tongues.