Explore Bangabandhu Memorial Complex, Gopalgonj

In an area of Gopalganj name Tongipara is situated the memorial of the greatest Bengali individual, the father of the nation of Bangladesh Sheik Mujibur Rahman’s memorial. The Tongipara Sub District is surrounded in Eastern side by Kotalipara Sub District, Western and Northern side of Gopalganj Town, and Northern side by Chitolmari and Bagerhur Sub District.  The great human being Sheik Mujibur Rahman was born in the Gopalganj area.


Name: Bangabandhu Memorial Complex
Location: Bangabandhu Memorial Complex, Gopalganj, Bangladesh.
Destination: Dhaka to Gopalganj
Transport: Sheba Green Line,Tungipara Express etc bus services from 
Saydabad/Gulistan via Paturia Ferry Ghat etc.
Fair: BDT 250 to 650 (Bus)
Time: 6 - 7 Hours (Bus)
Explore: Bangabandhu Memorial Complex,Gopalganj ,Bangladesh.
Distance: 421 kilometers from Dhaka
Cost: Depend to coverage tourists spots.
Accommodation: Hotels  etc available.
Food: Available.
Advice: Keep dry foods, water, medicines, saline, glucose, extra money, and kits.

In the main entrance of the memorial tourists will find the memorial at the Western side of the Memorial Complex. Tourists will have a chance to show their respect to the most significant Bengali of all time. This place is truly a wonderful place; the memorial is beautiful as far as its structure is concerned. There are large trees which makes these place genuinely subliminal, large trees with dark green leaves providing a relaxing shade for the tourists.

There are various buildings in the memorial, for example, there is a museum where tourists will find many pictures of Bangabandhu Sheik Mujibur Rahman, there is a library, theater center, etc. Right beside on the left-hand side of the Memorial, there is a canteen where tourists can have their lunch or breakfast before starting the tour of the Memorial. Also inside the memorial, there is a mosque, and besides the mosque, there is a beautiful pond.

Bangabandhu Memorial Complex

Tourists can sit beside the pond and relax for some time. Also inside the Memorial, there is a paternal house filled with childhood memories of Sheik Mujibur Rahman. The house has now turned into a complex for the visitors and tourists to see some amazing childhood memories of this historical figure. There are many artificial small hills made out of stone and gardens filled with an artificial flower just beside this house. For those who visit Gopalganj which has many historical places for tourists to visit, they must visit the Gpoalganj area.  There are benches all over the memorial for tourist to sit and relax. This place is truly an ideal place for tourists to visit and see the remains of some rare and up close events of the most excellent Bengali of all time.

How to visit the Bangabandhu Memorial Complex

Tourists will have to go to Gopalganj bus stand first. From there tourists can take an auto rickshaw or a Maxi, a public minibus, and through these, they can visit the Memorial Place of Bangabandhu. The place is situated in the main town of Gopalganj and is very near the bus stand of Gopalganj. There are two standard bus services in Dhaka which departs from Dhaka to Gopalganj directly. Some information about these bus services are provided below

Sheba Green Line    5 Trip(s)    06:00 AM    08:00 PM

Tungipara Express    41 Trip(s)    05:00 AM    10:15 PM

Apart from that there are other buses such as

  1. Modhumoti Paribahan

Gopalganj to Saydabad/Gulistan via Mawa Ferry Ghat

Mobile: 01716019937 (Gopalganj)

01711900619 (Dhaka)

  1. Tungipara Express

Gopalganj to Saydabad/Gulistan via Mawa Ferry Ghat

Mobile: 01716479631 (Gopalganj)

01716211642 (Dhaka)

  1. Dola Paribahan

Gopalganj to Saydabad/Gulistan via Mawa Ferry Ghat

Mobile: 01711311756 (Gopalganj)

01199030181 (Dhaka)

  1. Comfort Line

Gopalganj to Saydabad/Gulistan via Paturia Ferry Ghat

Mobile: 01716453061

Living accommodation in Gopalganj

There is a Circuit House in Gopalganj and a Zilla Parishad Cottage where tourists can spend the night. There are also private hotels such as Hotel Modhumoti, Hotel Rana, Hotel Shoag, etc. These hotels have standard living and food services along with other local restaurants.