Nuhash Polli Gazipur – A Beautiful Tourist Spot in Bangladesh

Founded on 1987 Nuhash Polli is situated in Gazipur covering 40 acres of land amidst subliminal natural surroundings. Nuhash is the son of the famous writer Humayun Ahmed and his first wife, Gultekin Khan.


Name: Nuhash Polli
Location: Nuhash Polli,Gazipur ,Bangladesh.
Destination: Dhaka to Gazipur
Transport: Bolaka, BRTC, etc. bus services from Uttara, Gulishthan etc.
Fair: BDT 50 to 100 (Bus)
Time: 1.5 – 2 hours
Explore: Nuhash Polli, Gazipur , Bangladesh.
Distance: 38km from Dhaka.
Cost: Depend to coverage tourists spots.
Accommodation: Nuhash Polli rooms are available.
Food: Available.
Advice: Keep dry foods, water, medicines, saline, glucose, extra money, and kits.

This place was one of the many favorite places of Humayan Ahmed from where he derived many creative inspirations and also to relax into a beautiful natural retreat. Nuhash Polli is 25 kilometers from Gazipur Sadar in a village named Pirozalli Village under the Mirzapur Union. Most of the paths in the Pirozalli Village are covered with Shal forests, and tourists will have to go through a path covered by Shal forests to enter Nuhash Polli.

The place is stunning, and the Shal forests are the best possible welcome to a place for all nature lovers. Nuhash Polli is picturesque in its appearance, heavenly in its formation as the area is filled with trees under which tourists can experience cool shade and the smell of green leaves and grass. An estate of where all nature lovers would be able to have a blissful experience Nuash Polli is indeed a fantastic place to visit.

Nuhash Polli Gazipur

Inside Peak of Nuhash Polli

There is a dighi (enormous lake) at the extraordinary north end of Nuhash Polli. A wooden bridge was built over the lake, and a tent was set on an artificially created island amidst the lake.  A building called “Bhutbilash” was built nearby the lake while Ahmed was under treatment in the USA. The last time he went to Nuhash Polli he initiated ‘Bhutbilash’ and wanted to observe a ‘phantom’ situated by the veranda of “Bhutbilash” at midnight.

Nuhash Polli houses a substantial number of models created by a local sculpturist Asaduzzaman Khan. Observers will be struck with wonder by a sculptor ‘Mama O Shishu’ (mother and child) at the passage to Nuhash Polli. Phantom molded and frog-like figures have been made to entertain youngsters. A tree house is also there as a medium of enjoyment for kids. For a family tour, this place is just stunning to visit. Tourists will have lots of places just to relax and enjoy the serene natural environment.

Ahmed appreciated rainwater falling around him and moonlit evenings. He made a room called “Brishti Bilash’ from where he could watch the pattering precipitation of rainfall. The green yard was constantly kept spotless and clean to enjoy Ahmed’s enthusiasm for watching the arriving and departing away from the moon. The administrator of Nuhash Polli, Bulbul, drove a nine-part group in supervising the general administration of the beautiful areas within Nuhash Polli.

Humayun Ahmed was very fond of collecting different sorts of trees. Around 300 types of therapeutic and natural product trees can be found in the areas of Nuhash Polli. The author likewise had a tea ranch at Nuhash Polli which still exists and is very well taken care of by the administrations of Nuash Polli. The leaves of a specific scented tree will be an amazing experience for the tourists.

How to visit Nuash Polli

Tourists will have to first go to Hotapara Bus Stand situated in Gazipur. From there tourists can take tempo and auto rickshaw or rickshaw to visit Nuash Polli. The fare is around 50 taka per person for tempu, 100 to 120 taka for an auto rickshaw, and around 70 taka for a rickshaw.

From Dhaka, tourists can just hope on a bus which travels through Dhaka Mymenshing road and gets down in the Hotapara Bus Stand. There are various buses available from Moakhali Bus Stand which goes through the route above. Furthermore, tourists can travel through Tongi-Kalighonj diversion road which connects to Gazipur.

Tourists with private vehicles and also those who would move through public bus can take any of these routes to visit Nuash Polli. PPL, Balaka Service, Probhati Bonosri, Dhaka Paribahan, Salsabil, etc. are some of the many buses through which tourists can reach Hotapara Bus Stand.  These buses travel through various routes within Dhaka City as they are intercity buses. The cost of bus tickets are very low, 50 to 70 taka per person.