Keokradong Bandarban, A Second Highest Mountain of Bangladesh

Keokradong Mountain at Bandarban is the second highest mountain in Bangladesh. It is 4035 feet high above sea level and is situated 30 kilometers from Ruma Town Bandarban.


Name: Keokradong
Location: Keokradong ,Ruma Town , Bandarban ,Bangladesh
Destination:  Dhaka to  Bandarban.
Transport:  Shamoli Paribahan, Hanif Enterprise, Year-71 etc bus services from 
Fakirapul, Saydabad , Kalampur,Panthopath etc.
Fair: BDT 350  to 700 (Dhaka to Bandarban)
Time: 9-10 Hours
Explore: Keokradong ,Ruma Town ,Bandarban.
Distance: 30 kilometers from Ruma Town Bandarban
Cost: Depend to coverage tourists spots.
Accommodation: Keokradong no hotels will be available except the resorts at 
Boga Lake.
Food: Carry personal food ,eat with the local people of the tribal communities .
Advice: Keep dry foods, water, medicines, saline, glucose, extra money, and kits.

How to Go to Keokradong?

Tourists who want to go to Keokradong must at first go to Ruma Town which is nearly 50 kilometers away from Bandarban. To Ruma town, tourists can take “Chadir Gari”, which is a four wheel drive vehicle. Tourists can also take Jeep and microbuses. The cost of these cars will be 1800 to 2000 taka and the time from Bandarban to Ruma town will be 2 hours approximately.

After reaching Ruma town tourists will have to go to Boga Lake from Ruma Town. In winter season visitors might have to hike up to Ruma Bazar, and in such cases, they will need to register their name Ruma Military Garrisons. In other season tourists after reaching Ruma town need to take a boat ride to Boga Lake. It takes near around 4 hours to reach Boga Lake from Ruma Bazar.

From Boga Lake tourists needs to hike for 2 to 3 hours to reach to Keokradong. Tourists can stay at Boga Lake for the night, take proper rest and relax into the heart of nature. After taking rest, tourists must ensure they have sufficient water supply, an excellent local guide, and first aid kits, etc. The hiking is of 2 to 3 hours so tourists must be confident and strong at heart of completing the climb.

Keokradong Mountain Bandarban
Keokradong Mountain, Bandarban

Keokradong, along with Boga Lake, is the worshiping place for all nature lovers. Stunning is the view from the top of Keokradong at day time with the wealth of greenery spread all around, remote landscapes of hills and mountains. The panoramic view from the upper part of Keokradong is truly nature’s haven, and for tourists, it is better to visit the place and experience the beauty than reading the description of the site.

Advice for Tourists Heading to Keokradong

For tourists who like adventures, rainy season is the perfect time to visit Keukradong. However, in the winter season, it is easy for trekking. Medicine for malaria must be taken as it is a malaria affected zone.

While trekking it is better to wear mountain shoes with better grip. For those who want to wear scandals, it is better to wear them with two or three socks. The trek is very easy and fun, but some measures should be taken to avoid unwelcomed circumstance. It is better to have a trekking guide as they are technically very efficient and knows how to avoid unnecessary danger while trekking.

Furthermore, it is wise if the charge of the guide is negotiated with him before the trekking. The standard rate of charge is 300 to 400 taka per day. In addition to that, it is wise to take one extra pair of clothes, a sleeping bag for each person, light and dry food, a good enough quantity of water, electric torch, etc.

Trekking is immensely fun, and the view from the Keokradong hill is a heart taking the experience as the view is so stunning and spectacular. Tourists cannot help but get wonder struck after reaching the top of Keokradong. Also for safety, it is very much advisable to trek down from Keokradong by sunset.

Living Accommodations

There are many hotels in Bandarban town. At Ruma Bazar also there are hotels available. However while traveling with the aim of trekking the Keokradong, no hotels will be offered except the resorts at Boga Lake. It is wise for tourists to camp and spend the night with the stars and enjoy the natural night beauty of the place.

Travelers can also ask for living accommodations for the night from the people of the tribal communities who are very friendly and helpful. Spending a night with them in the midst of the natural beauties of Keokradong and Boga Lake is a beautiful experience.

Food Facilities

In Bandarban town and Ruma town, there are hotels where general food such as rice, chicken, and curry are available. However, once tourists start to leave Ruma for Boga Lake and gradually to Keokradong it is wise to carry personal food, and for dinner, it is best to eat with the local people of the tribal communities for a different culinary experience which is much more simple, healthy, refreshing and close to nature. However, in the resorts near around the Boga Lake area, there will be food available.


The bus fare from Dhaka to Bandarban is within the range of 220 to 550 taka per person, depending on the type of service a tourist wants to avail for him/herself. The fare of “Chadir Gari” which will be used to reach Ruma Bazar from Bandarban town will cost 2500 taka reserved or 90 taka per person.

The boat fare from Ruma Bazar to Boga Lake will cost 20 to 30 taka per person. For an estimated food and living accommodation expense in a tribal village for anyone near around 80 taka can be assumed to be the cost of food, and 80 plus taka for living accommodations per person.

For those who do not want to stay the night and eat the food of the local communities of the tribal people of them, there are hotels in both Bandarban town and Ruma Bazar within an overall price range of 1500 to 7000 taka depending on the hotel type and their services. Average hotels in Bandarban and also in Ruma Bazar will cost near around 150 to 200 taka per person for a single room for one night, and 250 to 400 taka for a double room per person for one night.