Boga Lake Bandarban, A Lake of Mystery with Astonishing History

Bagakain Lake, also commonly known as Boga Lake, is situated in one of the hill districts of Bandarban. Boga Lake is a part of the Ruma sub-district of Bandarban. Boga Lake is a beautiful place for tourists from all over the world to visit and enjoy the natural beauty the place has in store.


Name: Boga Lake
Location: Boga Lake ,Ruma , Bandarban ,Bangladesh
Destination: Dhaka to  Bandarban
Transport: Shamoli Paribahan, Hanif Enterprise, Year-71 etc bus services from 
Fakirapul, Saydabad , Kalampur,Panthopath etc.
Fair: BDT 350  to 700 (Dhaka to Bandarban)
Time: 9-10 Hours
Explore: Boga Lake, Khumi tribe,Ruma  etc.
Distance: 67 kilometers from Bandarban.
Cost: Depend to coverage tourists spots.
Accommodation: No hotels available in Boga Lake.Hotels are available in  Ruma Bazar.
Food: Tribal communities provide the tourists food .
Advice: Keep dry foods, water, medicines, saline, glucose, extra money, and kits.

The most amazing thing about Boga Lake is the water of the Lake. It is a deep water lake with naturally sweet water. The water is pristine and will give the tourists a feeling of freshness. Boga Lake is locally recognized as the Lake of mystery because the local myth states that the Lake was created when the local villagers of the Khumi tribe, once upon a time, killed a god which again appeared in the form of a dragon. The dragon caused earthquakes which made the hills to break and crumble forming the Lake.

Boga Lake is 67 kilometers from Bandarban and 20 kilometers from Ruma Thana. The area surrounding the Boga Lake is full of abundant green due to the immense expanse of trees scattered all over the place. There are hills, both small and big in size, rocks, and cliffs, and together they create the illusion of a massive static wave which has covered the whole surrounding area.

boga lake bandarban
Boga Lake Bandarban

Tourists will also be able to discover tribal cultures, spend a day knowing the people of the tribal communities and their straightforward and rustic lifestyle. Boga Lake will offer tourists to directly access the heart of nature, exposing them to the grandeur and the immensity of nature. In the moments of hiking and being able to feel the wilderness of Boga Lake, one will see the real glory of Bandarban. From any of the cliffs, the mountain landscape is stunning to watch. Boga Lake is an ideal place for all nature lovers to visit and get the ultimate taste of nature’s bliss.

How to visit Boga Lake, Bandarban?

From Dhaka, tourists will find a direct bus which will take them to Bandarban. Various bus services at different areas in Dhaka are available. For example, Shamoli Paribhan, Saudia Paribhan, S Alam Paribhan, Dolphin Service, etc. are available in areas such as Rajarbag, Dhanmondi, Syedabad, Fakirapool, etc.

Some transport bus service leaves for Bandarban from Dhaka every night. The route of reaching to Bandarban from Dhaka is via Chittagong. The cost of bus tickets from Dhaka to Bandarban is around 550 taka. In Fikarapool especially there are buses which depart for Bandarban every night from Dhaka.

Furthermore, those who find the journey directly from Dhaka to Bandarban a bit too long and tiring, they can go to Chittagong by train or by airplane. There are various costs of train tickets depending on the service which a traveler wants for him/her to get. Bangladesh Railway has opened up a web site where one can know the price of tickets very easily.

In a case of an airplane, the cost will be around minimum 7000 to 11000 taka per person. From Chittagong, there are buses available for Bandarban, and it takes around 2 to 3 hours to reach Bandarban from Chittagong.

Once reaching Bandarban tourists will have to go to Ruma Ghat, Ruma Riverside, and cross the Sangu River by boats which are available on the Ruma Ghat. After a 20 to 30-minute boat journey tourists must hire a guide and get his/her name, and the guide’s name registered at the Ramu Bazar Military Check point.

Then by foot Boga Lake can be reached, and tourists will also need to prepare themselves for an approximately 6 hours of hiking for various hill points surrounding Boga Lake. It is advisable to pack bags with lots of water, first aid kits, medicine and other necessary things. Boga Lake seems a bit hard to reach, but once arriving and seeing the place, and experiencing its magnificent natural landscapes, every trouble will be worth it one hundred percent.

Food and Living Accommodation

Night life in the midst of wilderness is an amazing experience. Tourists camping out will be able to see the darkness of a different quality near Boga Lake, see the stars scattered above the vast mountains and hills, and observe dragonflies of various kinds. As there are no hotels available in Boga Lake, people from the tribal communities provide living accommodation to the trekkers and travelers through building huts which are attractive and very clean.

Boga Lake cottage is scarce. But, tourists to their surprise will find the interior of the hut amazing and will have a wonderful experience to spend a night in such a hut. The huts are situated almost 1500 feet above the sea level. The price the simple people of the tribal communities charge is very low for these accommodations, but the experience they provide is priceless. Also, the people of the tribal communities provide the tourist’s food for the night. Through having dinner with the tribal people and living with them is the ultimate experience being close to wilderness, and such an experience is amazing.

It cannot be expressed in words how beautiful the heart is of the people of the tribal communities and how hospitable they are. For trekkers and tourists, the tribal people they will meet in the area known as Boga Lake will become their friends and respected relatives rather than strangers.

However, in Ruma Bazar, there are several hotels to stay overnight or for several hours. There are various rooms with double bedroom and single bedrooms, both with AC and non AC, as well as dormitories and the cost for the tourists to avail themselves these hotel rooms, depending on their choice, will be within the price range of below 1000 to 6000 taka per night. Food will also be available in these hotels at a reasonable price.