Karnaphuli Rodh at Kaptai, Rangamati

Karnaphuli Rodh is the largest manmade lake in Bangladesh, situated in Kaptai Upazila. It is also known as Kaptai Lake. In 1960 the Kaptai Dam was built to establish a Hydropower Plant which resulted in the creation of the Kaptai Lake. The area of this artificial lake is 756.277 square kilometres.  This lake has a strong connection with Karnaphuli, Kachalang and Maini River.


Name: Karnaphuli Rodh
Location: Karnaphuli Rodh, Rangamati ,Bangladesh.
Destination: Dhaka to Rangamati
Transport: Shamoli Bus Service, Hanif Paribhan etc bus services from 
Uttara Fakirapul, Saydabad, Kalampur, Panthopath etc.
Fair: BDT 500 to 700 (Bus)
Time: 6 - 7 Hours (Bus)
Explore: Karnaphuli Rodh, Rangamati ,Bangladesh.
Distance: 328 kilometers from Dhaka Rangamati
Cost: Depend to coverage tourists spots.
Accommodation: Hotels available.
Food: Available.
Advice: Keep dry foods, water, medicines, saline, glucose, extra money, and kits.

To see the extension of this lake simultaneously in the flowing tide of Kachalang River on the starting point of Maini River of the Langdu sub-district, one cannot stop wonder with its beauty. Here the vast mass of water indeed becomes one with the horizon. Coming to the city of Rangamati in artificial coexistence of Lake and Hills is noticed which cannot be seen anywhere else in the country. The phenomenal beauty of the clear mass of water and the green hills easily attracts tourists, and the boat journey can fill anyone’s heart with its natural excellence.

The nectar of beauty that the nature with its liberal hands has poured here cannot be observed in any other place of Bangladesh. Tourists must visit Kaptai Rodh at least for once, there is truly no place in Bangladesh regarding hosting natural beauties and at the same time a fantastic water body as the Kaptai Rodh.

How to Go

Speedboats and vessels can be found in the markets in Tabalchari and tourist gorges which are reserved for naval travel, the cost of which is 1200-1500 taka per hour for speedboats and 500-800 taka per hour for traditional boats. Tourists will have to go to Chittagong town from Dhaka first to visit the Karnafuli Rodh. However, in order to go to Chittagong from Dhaka, there are some transportation services available at the various price range.

Karnaphuli Rodh

From Dhaka to Chittagong there are many bus services such as Shamoli Bus Service, Hanif Paribahan, Green Line, Volvo Scania etc. There are both AC bus and non-AC bus available in each of the bus mentioned above services.  If the transportation is by train, there are various trains to Chittagong like Turna, Dhaka mail, Mahanagargodhuli, Mahanagar Probhati, Subarna express and so on. The fair rate from regular to the first class seat will cost from, 285tk to 460tk and AC seat 788tk. Non-AC berth costs 685tk and AC berth 1179tk.

After getting down to Chittagong, the bus is available for Cox’s Bazar from AC Bus stand of Chittagong located at Majar Road of Dampara. The fair is 300-450 non-AC and 900-1100 for AC bus service. As for Air, there are four flights which are, Biman Bangladesh Airlines, United Airways, US-Bangla Airlines. These fights go on a daily basis the Round Cost for Biman and United Airways is 5500-7000tk, and others are one-way flight which costs from 5200tk to 8700tk. These are the air transport service providers that tourists can use to travel to Chittagong.


This is one the sub-district of Kaptai.

Living Accommodations

There are many hotels in Kaptai such as hotel Nadisa International, Lakeshore Resort, which offers a view of the Kaptai Lake, Parjatan Holiday Complex, Hotel Sufia, Hotel Prince etc. The price of the hotels is reasonable, and for one or two nights the service is well standard in these hotels. From the Lakeshore Resort beautiful views of the Kaptai Lake can be seen and each time of the day a different shade of subliminal appearance of the Kaptai Lake can be witnessed by the tourist.

For example, in evening the sky takes on an orange or azure shade, and the lake is amazing to watch with the trees and hills surrounding the Lake, and a silent and soothing breeze. Kaptai is an exciting tourists spot of Bangladesh so much enriched with natural beauties and perhaps the most amazing water body of Bangladesh. Tourists can call them at this number +880 1769 312021-2, message them over Facebook or Mail them for booking at this address booking@aroonnok.com. For further information, tourists can check their Facebook pages.