Parki Sea Beach: Explore Beautiful Sea Beach at Chittagong

One of the most charming and stunningly beautiful sea beaches of Bangladesh is the Parki Sea Beach located in Chittagong District. The distance of Parki Sea Beach from Chittagong town is around 25 kilometres, and it takes about 1 hour to reach Parki Sea Beach from Chittagong town, and from Dhaka, the Parki Sea Beach is approximately 240 to 250 kilometre.


Name: Parki Sea Beach
Location: Parki Sea Beach, Chittagong, Bangladesh.
Destination: Dhaka to Chittagong
Transport: Shamoli Bus Service, Hanif Paribhan, Green Line, Volvo Scania, etc. 
bus services from Uttara Fakirapul, Saydabad , Kalampur,Panthopath etc.Turna, 
Dhaka mail, Mahanagargodhuli, Mahanagar Probhati, Subarna express etc. train 
services and also Biman Bangladesh Airlines, United Airways, US-Bangla Airlines 
Fair: BDT 300 to 1100 (Bus), BDT 300 – 1200 (Train), Airplane would cost 
5500-7000 taka (Dhaka to Chittagong up-down)
Time: 6 - 7 Hours (Bus), 30 minutes (Air).
Explore: Parki Sea Beach, Chittagong, Bangladesh.
Distance: 260 kilometers of Chittagong.
Cost: Depend to coverage tourists spots.
Accommodation: Hotels, Cottages, Motel, etc. available.
Food: Available.
Advice: Keep dry foods, water, medicines, saline, glucose, extra money, and kits.

Parki Sea Beach is 15 kilometres in length and 350 kilometres in width. This place should be a must visit location for all the tourists who want to see the most beautiful places of Bangladesh. Visiting Parki Sea Beach, tourists will have an opportunity to witness a part of the grand Karnafuli River due to the fact that the Parki Sea lies in a delta of the Karnafuli River as well as see the sea named the “Bay of Bengal”.

Amazing are the scenarios and views presented by Parki Sea Beach to its visitors.

Particularly during sunset, the sky takes on a different form and the sea below also transforms into something which is utterly majestic to be expressed in plain words. There are many colourful crabs are roaming around randomly which is delightful to see, and in addition to that tourists will also be able to observe the ship port which is situated a few minutes distance from the Parki Sea Beach and there tourists will be able to see big ships being anchored.

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Parki Sea Beach Chittagong
Parki Sea Beach, Chittagong

The Jhaw forest just in front the beach is astounding; the forests have big thin-branched trees which is an ideal place to take some photographs. Tourists will also have a rare opportunity to fish in the sea, and catching sea fishes is genuinely a genuine and wonderful experience.

How to go to Parki Sea Beach

From Chittagong town there are taxis and jeeps, and also tourists can hire personal microbuses to visit the Parki Sea Beach. Cars will take around 1500 taka to take tourists from Parki Sea Beach and again take them from Parki Sea Beach to Chittagong town. There are also auto rickshaws which will bring 300 taka from Chittagong to Parki Sea Beach, and another 300 taka to take the tourists from Parki Sea Beach to Chittagong Town.

However, to go to Chittagong from Dhaka, there are some transportation services available at the various price range. From Dhaka to Chittagong there are many bus services such as Shamoli Bus Service, Hanif Paribahan, Green Line, Volvo Scania etc. There are both AC bus and non-AC bus available in each of the buses above services.  If the transportation is by train, there are various trains to Chittagong like Turna, Dhaka mail, Mahanagargodhuli, Mahanagar Probhati, Subarna express and so on. The fair rate from regular to the first class seat will cost from, 285tk to 460tk and AC seat 788tk. Non-AC berth costs 685tk and AC berth 1179tk.

Parki Sea Beach

After getting down to Chittagong, the bus is available for Cox’s Bazar from AC Bus stand of Chittagong located at Majar Road of Dampara. The fair is 300-450 non-AC and 900-1100 for AC bus service. As for Air, there are four flights which are, Biman Bangladesh Airlines, United Airways, US-Bangla Airlines. These fights go on a daily basis the Round Cost for Biman and United Airways is 5500-7000tk, and others are one-way flight which costs from 5200tk to 8700tk. These are the air transport service providers that tourists can use to travel to Chittagong.

Living Accommodations in Parki Sea Beach

According to their budget, ability and necessity, there is a various range of hotels from 4 stars to ordinary and economy class where tourists can stay for the night in Chittagong. In Parki Sea Beach there are no living accommodations, and as a result, it is better for the tourists to visit the place and return by night to the Chittagong town for food and living accommodations.

Food services in Parki Sea Beach

In Parki Sea Beach area there are many kinds of seafood available, and some of them are a must try for all tourists. The sea fishes are something to taste as they are very different from the river fishes. Shrimp, Crab, Rupchanda, Lobster, etc. are some of the many fishes which tourists can try in the local hotels in Parki Sea Beach. Apart from that, there are many restaurants in Chittagong central town.