Gayebi Masjid, Sylhet – A Great Tourist Spot in Bangladesh

Sylhet Division is believed to have come under the Muslim Rule with the arrival of Hazrat Shah Jalal, a prominent priest of Islam who arrived in Sylhet from Yemen. However, there is a famous mosque in Sylhet by the name of Gayebi Masjid which is said to have been here even before the time of the arrival of Hazrat Shahjalal.


Name: Gayebi Masjid
Location: Gayebi Masjid,Sylhet ,Bangladesh.
Destination: Dhaka to Sylhet
Transport: Shamoli Bus Service, Hanif Paribhan, Green Line, Volvo Scania etc 
bus services from Uttara Fakirapul, Saydabad , Kalampur,Panthopath etc.Many 
train services and also Biman Bangladesh Airlines, United Airways, US-Bangla 
Airlines available.
Fair: BDT 370 to 1200 (Bus),BDT 350-800 (Train), Airplane would cost 5500-7000 
taka (Dhaka to Chittagong up-down)
Time: 6 - 7 Hours (Bus), 7-8 hours (Train),45 minutes (Air).
Explore: Gayebi Masjid, Sylhet , Bangladesh.
Distance: 310 kilometers of Dhaka
Cost: Depend to coverage tourists spots.
Accommodation: Hotelsm Cottages, Motel etc available.
Food: Available.
Advice: Keep dry foods, water, medicines, saline, glucose, extra money, and kits.

Some of the local, on the other hand, also believes that the this mysterious and immensely valuable mosque was founded by two sons of one of the companies of Hazrat Shahjalal. The mosque was first discovered from underneath a hill, a tilla, by Syed Mahbub Khandokar, Syed Tahir Khandokar, and Syed Usman Bogdady when some Islamic preachers were trying to find a foundation for preaching. Since the foundation of the mosque was unknown to them, they have termed it Gayebi Masjid.

This is indeed a historical place to visit, one of the scarce places of Bangladesh of which the time of origination has not yet been detected. A mosque of unknown origin, surrounded by beautiful natural beauty this place is an ideal place for the tourists to visit. The adjacent area of the mosque is known as Usmanpur. The location of the mosque is at the Usmanpur Union. It is adjacent to Tajpur-Balaganj Road within the area of Panchapara.

How to visit Sylhet and the Gayebi Mosque

Tourists will first have to visit Sylhet and then to the Tajpur Bus Stand. From there, tourists will have to visit the connecting road of Tajpur-Balaganj Road which crosses through the Panchapara village in Usmanpur Upazilla. Tajpur is located in an area of the Dhaka Sylhet Highway. The distance of the Gayebi Masjid from Panchapara is 6 kilometer and form Balaganj 8 kilometer. Tourists can visit the Gayebi Masjid and move back to Sylhet town through the bus and stay at the central town of Sylhet.

There are various ways to reach from Dhaka to Sylhet. Tourists can travel to Sylhet by train, air or plane. Given below is Dhaka to Sylhet Train schedule.

Price of Train tickets is from 150 to 1200 taka.

Train Schedule: From Dhaka — To Sylhet

Train No    Train Name    From Dhaka    To Sylhet    Total time:

709    PARABAT_EXPRESS    6:35    13:20    7 Hr

717    JOYENTEEKA    12:00    19:40    8 Hr

773    KALNI_EXPRESS    16:00    21:25    6 Hr

739    UPABAN_EXPRESS    21:50    5:24    8 Hr

Train Schedule: From Sylhet — To Dhaka

Train No    Train Name    From Sylhet    To Dhaka    Total time:

718    JOYENTEEKA    8:40    16:00    8 Hr

710    PARABAT_EXPRESS    15:00    22:17    8 Hr

740    UPABAN_EXPRESS    22:00    5:33    8 Hr

Bus Schedule

Al Mobarak Paribahan    Non AC    400

Ena Paribahan    Non AC    470

Ena Paribahan    AC Economy    750

Green Line    AC Economy    850

Green Line    AC Executive    1100

Hanif Enterprise    Non AC    450

Mamun Enterprise    Non AC    350

Nazim Paribahan    Non AC    400

NP Paribahan    Non AC    400

Ruposi Bangla Paribahan Beanibazar    Non AC    350

Shohagh Paribahan    AC Executive    1100

Shohagh Paribahan    AC Economy    900

Shyamoli Paribahan    Non AC    470

Soudia Paribahan    Non AC    440

Soudia Paribahan    AC Executive    1100

Soudia Paribahan    AC Economy    900

Unique Service    Non AC    440

United Paribahan    Non AC    480

Air Schedule

Name    Departure    Arrival    Price (Tk)

Biman Bangladesh    6:00/16:30    6:40/17:10    4000-6600

United Airways    17:35    18:25    6000-8500

NovoAir    13:10    13:50    6000-8000

Hotels and Restaurants in Dhaka

There are a wide variety of restaurants and hotels in Sylhet with various price range and tourists can select the hotels according to their choice.