Alutila Cave Khagrachhari, A Mysterious Cave in Bangladesh

One of the most visited places of Khagracharri is the Alutila Cave. Alutila Cave is located in the Matrigana sub district in the hill district of Khagracharri. Alutila Cave is just 8 kilometers away from Khagracharri town.


Name: Alutila Cave.
Location: Alutila Cave,Khagrachari ,Bangladesh
Destination: Dhaka to Khagrachari
Transport: Shamoli Paribhan, Soudia S Alam Paribhan, Shanti Paribhan etc bus 
services from Fakirapul, Saydabad , Kalampur,Panthopath etc.
Fair: BDT 450 to 600 (Dhaka to Khagrachari )
Time: 7-8 Hours
Explore: Alutila Cave, Khagrachari, Bangladesh.
Distance: 8 kilometers from Khagrachari .
Cost: Depend to coverage tourists spots.
Accommodation: Hotels are situated in and near around Khagrachari town.
Food: Available.
Advice: Keep dry foods, water, medicines, saline, glucose, extra money, and kits.

Tourists wanting to visit Khagracharri town will find many buses available in various areas of Dhaka. There are bus services such as Shamoli Paribhan, Saudia S Alam Paribhan, Shanti Paribahan etc. Almost in all bus counters of Dhaka, there are buses which depart from Dhaka for Chittagong. These bus services will directly take tourists to Khagracharri via Chittagong. The ticket price of Dhaka to Khagracharri is 450 taka for non-AC bus. There is also AC bus available which goes from Dhaka to Chittagong and then to Khagracharri.

Alutila Cave is just 8 kilometers from Khagracharri. Tourists can come to Khagracharri bus stand, select a hotel to freshen up and also there are many local restaurants and food shops where they can eat something to energize themselves. There are Khagracharri Guest House, Parjatan Motel as well as a hotel by the name of Pankhaya Para. These hotels are situated in and near around Khagracharri town. The price range of a double bed non-AC room is from 350 to 550 taka. Also, there are AC rooms whose price starts from 1500 taka.

Alutila Cave Khagrachari
Alutila Cave, Khagrachari

After reaching Bandarban tourists must hire a vehicle locally known as “chander gari”, a four wheeled vehicle, or jeeps or auto rickshaw and directly they can go to the area where the Alutila Cave is situated.

Exploring the Alutila Cave

Locally Alutila is known as “Matai Hakor” or the cave where in god resides. The Alutila Cave is approximately 100 meters long and very dark. The place where in the cave is satiated is surrounded by deep green forests. The Alitila Cave is found in a 1000 meter high, above sea level, hill known as Alutula Hill. For the adventure lovers and courageous tourists with a passionate thirst for exploration Alutila is the perfect place for them to visit.

The natural beauty of Alutila is likely to touch one’s heart. From the hill top of Alutila hill an amazing view of Khagracharri can be seen. Trees and mountains embracing each other resulting in the spreading of greenery throughout the horizon, the sky above and the gentle breeze passing through the hill all creates an enchanting aura for the tourists, and once inside the Cave’s tunnel tourists will be transported to a dimension outside of time into dense darkness of the century old cave. A different feeling of wonder and also appreciation will work on the tourist’s mind when walking inside the tunnel of the Alutila Cave.

The diameter of the cave is about 18 feet. To enter the Alutila Cave, a tourist needs to cut a ticket for entry. Tourists will then need locally sold Flembeau or high powered torch as no sunlight enters the cave path of Alutila. Inside the cave, one can see a wondrous beauty with a natural mystery which hovers around the cave. The road through the tunnel is slightly muddy and slippery, and cold water flows beneath the cave.

Upon entering the Alutila Cave tourists will discover two roads after walking for some times. One road, the road on the right side, leads to a small fountain. The place is just stunning to observe, a fountain inside a cave. Local people created a dam to collect that water for their daily living, so it is very wise for the tourists to not contaminate the water in any way.

The road to the left leads the way to the tunnel. The cave looks like an underground tunnel, dark and mysterious, and at the same time exciting and subliminal for those who have the passion for exploration. It takes 15 to 20 minutes to reach from one end of the Alutila Cave to another end on the other side. The Alutila Cave is very safe to explore, and immensely exciting. The enthralling and captivating beauty of the Cave can only be experienced, and tourists must, at least for once in their lifetime, visit the Alutila Cave.