HSC Results 2019 Published Online

For this year, HSC candidates and their parents the gravest issue is about the 2019 HSC results which are due to be published on the 17th July 2019. In a report published by the Prothom Alo, it is written that the Honorable Prime Minister Sheik Hasina has approved the aforementioned date of the publication of the HSC results of 2019.

                                 AT A GLANCE

Total Student: 13,63,029
Boys: 6,64,496
Girls: 6,87,009
Total Pass Rate: 9,88,172
Total GPA: 41,807
Board: 10
Institution: 8,305
Result Publish Date: July 17, 2019

Get Your HSC Results in Two Way (Website or SMS)

All education board chairmen, along with the Education Minister, will hand over copies of the result to the Prime Minister on July 20th, 21st or 22nd. Later on the same day, the results will be published and the HSC candidates and their parents can see the results. A total of 11.83 lakh candidates appeared for the 2019 HSC examination which began on April 2nd and ended on May 15th.

One important thing to remember, both by candidates and also by their parents and family members who usually search the results, is that they must not hurry while searching for the results. It is very likely that since more than 13 lakh candidates have given the HSC this year and all the results will get published on the same day there can be many technical mishaps, as far as searching the score is concerned.


For example, an HSC candidate’s result might be more than what is shown on the internet. As due to nearly 13 lakh people will be browsing the internet technical difficulties is likely to be faced by many HSC Candidates, unfortunately. However, if the candidates remain patient, and search patiently later on on the internet when fewer people are browsing the internet they will surely get their actual score. Students and their parents must be patient in case any such accidents occur.

Education Board’s website (http://www.educationboard.gov.bd), Ministry of Education of Bangladesh is ready to publish. Through visiting this web link candidates can easily see their HSC results by following some simple procedures. Firstly when they will open the web site they will see five categories in which they have to put the necessary information. It must again be mentioned that students must enter the information very carefully with diligence and attention so that they receive the actual information of how much they have scored in their examination.

#1. Procedures to Get HSC Results Online

Step 01: The first in the list is labeled on the website as Examination. In this section, students will have some options which they will be able to see once they visit the web site. From the options available to the web pages, students will have to choose the correct one. Right below the first section is the second section labeled as Year.

Step 02: Hear students will have to give 2019, the current year which is the year for which students will be searching the score of HSC.

Step 03: The third section is Board where students will have to mention under which board they have given the HSC examination. With this students must be very careful not to make a mistake.

Step 04: The fourth section in the list is Roll where students will have to enter their roll number.

Step 05: After that, there is a section where students will have to enter their Registration Number. Both of these things must be carefully entered by the students when they are searching for their HSC results on 17th July 2019.

Step 06: Then students will see two numbers which they will have to add just for a web site security check. The candidates will have to click the submit button and they can see their score through the internet. Usually, this web site, at the moment when the results will publish, is likely to be stuck due to so many people accessing one web site at the same time. Candidates can wait in case they cannot access the web site.

#2. Procedures to Get HSC Results by SMS

Another way to obtain the results of HSC is through mobile SMS. However as mentioned before it is wise to double check the score on the internet as well at a later time, for those who will check their results of HSC via mobile, just to be sure.

The procedure to obtain 2019 HSC results from mobile phones are as follows, firstly candidates will have to go to the SMS option on their mobile phones. Then they will have to type HSC/Alim and then give a space in the message. After giving a space candidates will have to write the first three letters of their Board Name. The candidates are required to give another space after which they will have to write their HSC Roll Number. After that, another space is required and students will write 2019, the year of the examination. Then HSC candidates will send the aforementioned information which they have written in the SMS to a number which is 16222.

Step 01: Go to message box on mobile

Step 02: Type HCS / Alim and space

Step 03: First 3 letters of Board name and space

Step 04: HSC Roll Number and space

Step 05: write 2019

Step 06: Send to 16222

Through this procedure, candidates can easily obtain their much anticipated HSC results. For further convenience for the students and their parents, an example of what to write in the SMS is being shown. For example, the HSC candidate has given his/her exam from Dhaka Board and his/her Roll Number is 527869. He/ She will write in the mobile message- hsc dha 527869 2019 and send to 16222. For vocational students, they will just have to write TEC instead of the board’s name, hsc tec 527869 2019 and send it to the same number.

There is a total of 10 education boards in Bangladesh from where in 2019 nearly 13 lakh students have given the HSC exam. This year the number of male candidates of HSC examination is 6,64,496, and the number of female candidates is 6,87,009.

The total number of institutions which has hosted this year’s HSC examination all over the country is 8,305. It is well known that HSC is a very big step in each individual’s life, so much hard work, hope, and dedication remains involved giving this examination and all of these things culminate in the result day. Out of 13 lakh students, it can be hoped by all the people of this country that 13 lakh young faces will smile with immense happiness on 17th July 2019.