Dhaka University (DU) Admission Notice 2023-24: A Complete Admission Guide

Dhaka University Admission Notice 2023-2024 is already been set. Before deep into the details, let’s know about its overview a bit. This is the largest public university in Bangladesh. Every student has a dream to study here. This is the first choice. Getting admission in Dhaka University (DU) has so much competition. So one has to go through a hard procedure from application to getting admission.

                                 AT A GLANCE

Name: University of Dhaka
Total Seats: Approximately 7000
Application Date: 5 August, 2019
Application Finish Date: 27th August, 2019
Application Fee: 450tk
Admit Card: Depends
Admission Test Date: 13th September, 2019
Admission Finish Date: 28th September (Friday) 2019
Admission Results Date: Depends on admission
Exam Mark: 200 (Test-180 + SSC & HSC-20)
Section: 5 (Science, Commerce, Arts, Fine arts, & Group)
Unit: 5 - Ka (Science), Kha (Arts), Ga (Commerce), Gha (Group), & Cha (Fine Arts)
Faculty: 13
Department: 70
Library: 1
Hall: 23
Quarter: 5

Overview of Dhaka University

Dhaka University was established in the year 1921 during the British era. It’s the oldest university in Bangladesh and has significant contributions to the history of Bangladesh.

The university is situated in a large area and each section of the university is far away from one another. The Arts Section is in a different building, the commerce section consists of another building, the science department of Dhaka University consists of the whole of Curzon Hall. It’s surrounding building which is a bit far away from the Arts and Commerce section, and the Fine Arts section is situated in another building.

Dhaka University Admission Notice
University of Dhaka (DU)

Each of the four aforementioned buildings which represent the four primary section of the Dhaka University under which all the departments of Dhaka University exists contains a large area of open space filled with trees and grass-covered land where students can sit and relax in between their studies, or study amidst a natural environment. The Dhaka University has 23 halls, 5 quarters and a library which is housed in three separate buildings. The library of the University of Dhaka is known as the largest library of Bangladesh which has over 30,000 manuscripts, approximately 620,000 or more volumes of books, many periodicals and journals etc. The Business Department also has an E-Library.

Dhaka University Departments

There are four primary branches of Dhaka University which are Arts, Science, Commerce and Fine Arts section. Under these four branches, there are 70 departments under 13 faculties and they are listed below-

Faculty of Arts
Department of Criminology
Department of Arabic
Department of Bengali
Department of English
Department of Persian Language and Literature
Department of History
Department of Philosophy
Department of Islamic Studies
Department of Pali and Buddhist Studies
Department of Sanskrit
Department of Urdu
Department of Theater and Performance Studies
Department of Linguistics
Department of Music
Department of Islamic History and Culture
Department of World Religions and Culture
Department of Information Science and Library Management

Faculty of Business Studies
Department of Management Information Systems (MIS)
Department of Accounting and Information Systems (AIS)
Department of Banking and Insurance
Department of Finance
Department of International Business
Department of Management
Department of Marketing
Department of Organization Strategy and Leadership
Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management

Faculty of Biological Science
Department of Botany
Department of Soil, Water, and Environment
Department of Microbiology
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Department of Fisheries
Department of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology
Department of Psychology
Department of Clinical Psychology
Department of Zoology
Department of Educational and Counseling Psychology

Faculty of Engineering and Technology
Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Department of Robotics and Mechatronics Engineering
Department of Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Department of Nuclear Engineering
Department of Biomedical Physics and technology
Department of Industrial & Production Engineering
Department of Textile Engineering
Department of Civil Engineering

Faculty of Education
Technical Teachers’ Training College (Technical Education)
Faculty of Fine Arts
Department of Crafts
Department of Drawing and Painting
Department of Graphic Design
Department of Printmaking
Department of Oriental Art
Department of Sculpture
Department of History of Art
Department of Ceramics

Faculty of Law
Department of Law

Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Postgraduates Medical Sciences & Research

Faculty of Pharmacy
Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacology
Department of Pharmaceutical Technology

Faculty of Science
Department of Applied Mathematics
Department of Physics
Department of Mathematics
Department of Statistics, Biostatistics & Informatics
Department of Theoretical Physics
Department of Biomedical Physics and Technology
Department of Chemistry

Faculty of Social Sciences
Department of Anthropology
Department of Communication Disorders
Department of Criminology
Department of Development Studies
Department of Economics
Department of International Relations
Department of Sociology
Department of Mass Communication and Journalism
Department of Population Sciences
Department of Political Science
Department of Public Administration
Department of Peace and Conflict Studies
Department of Women’s and Gender Studies
Department of Television and Film Studies

Faculty of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Department of Geology
Department of Geography and Environment
Department of Oceanography
Department of Disaster Science and Management
Department of Meteorology

DU Admission Test Procedure

Students giving admission for the Dhaka University exam will find that there are four units which are “KA”/A unit, which is the unit under which all subjects of science are included, “KHA”/B unit, which includes all the subjects of arts, “GA”/C unit which includes all the subject of commerce, “CHA”/E unit which includes all the discipline/subjects of Fine Arts.

Students will be able to sit for any one of the four units and along with their subject. They can also sit for another unit which is the “GHA”/D unit. The D unit is the unit under which students of a particular discipline, for example, commerce, can shift his/her line of studies and move on to arts or science.

The essential examination procedure of the University of Dhaka is that each student will be able to give an examination in any one of the four A/B/C/E units along with D unit. Under each unit, there are 13 faculties under which in turn there are the 70 departments. For example, a science background student will give exam in A unit, under which all the discipline of science exists, and along with that D unit. A commerce background student will give exam in C unit, and along with that in D unit, and an arts background student will give examination in B unit, and along with that in D unit.

The admission of Dhaka University will be held in September this year. Students will have to register and fill up their examination form online. The date of online registration will start in August and students must get their registration done properly as soon as the admission portal opens on the website of the University of Dhaka.

The admission test of Dhaka University will happen in the month of September and it will happen until October. The admission process is very simple and convenient. Students will have to fill up an online form which they will get on the web page of the Dhaka University under the admission section. There are students will have to attach a soft copy of their passport size photo and fill up the necessary information. After that, they will submit the form online, and print out the admission form which they will have to take with them when giving the admission exams. The admission charge fee is 350 taka.

University of Dhaka Admission Requirements

KA Unit: Candidates must have total GPA 8.00 (with the 4th subject) 
         in SSC and HSC level exams.
KHA Unit: Candidates must have total GPA 7.00 (with the 4th subject) 
          in SSC and HSC level exams.
GA Unit: Candidates must have total GPA 7.50 (with the 4th subject) 
         in SSC and HSC level exams.
GHA Unit: Candidates must have total GPA Own Unit GPA in SSC and HSC level exams.
CHA Unit: Candidates must have total GPA 6.50 (with the 4th subject) 
          in SSC and HSC level exams.

Dhaka University Admission Test Date 2023-24

  • Online Application Starts: 18 December 2023
  • Application Deadline: 5 January 2024
  • Admission Test Date: 23 February to 2 March 2024
  • Admission Website: admission.eis.du.ac.bd

The first exam in admission test of Dhaka University will be the exam of “KHA”/B unit which will be held on the Friday of the exam week in September. Then “CHA”/E unit exam, “GA”/C unit exam and then “GHA”/D unit exam will follow.

Usually, every weekend the examination dates are held. A student must have a total CGPA of 8.00 (with 4th Subject) in SSC and HSC level exam for A/ “KA” unit. For B/ “KHA” unit a student must have a total CGPA of 7.00(with the 4th subject) in SSC and HSC level exam. For commerce unit, which is C/ “GA” unit the CGPA (with the 4th subject) requirement is 7.50 and for E/CHA unit the CGPA requirement is 6.50 again including the 4th subject.

In a total of 200 marks, 180 marks are considered in the admission exam and 20 are predetermined which is essentially based on the SSC and HSC exam level or equivalent. Those students who will be selected at Dhaka University again will be assessed on their score and then they will be given the option to choose their departments under the four primary disciplines.

Although the seats in this prestigious academic institution remains limited and in each unit there are a vast number of things which students need to prepare for, for example in B and D unit the general knowledge section is very tricky and with the rule of negative marking a student needs to be very careful about his/her answers as no arbitrary answers cannot be answered, it can be hoped that the best and deserving minds of this nation will get a chance in Dhaka University in the year 2019.

DU – A(Ka) Unit Exam Procedure

Exam topics: Only students of Science can apply in this unit. And exam subjects – Physics, Chemistry, Math / Biology, Fourth subject / Bengali / English These 4. There will be a total of 30 questions – 120 questions from each subject.

Exam Mark Details:
Total mark 200
Admission Test – 120
(HSC GPA x 10) + (SSC GPA x 6) = 80

N.B: The admission test will have 120 MCQ questions, each of which is the value of 1. That is, 120 marks will be held and the total time is 1 hour and 30 minutes.

DU – B (Kha) Unit Exam Procedure

Exam topics: In this B unit, only the Humanities students will be able to apply. And the subjects of examinations – Bengali, English and general knowledge are three.

Bengali = 30
English = 30
General Knowledge (Bangladesh and International Affairs) = 60
Total = 100
Exam Mark Details:
Total mark 200
Admission Test – 120
(HSC GPA x 10) + (SSC GPA x 6) = 80

In the admission test, there will be 100 MCQ queries, each question values carry on 1.2 marks. That is, 120 marks will be held and the total time is 1 hour.
Each question will be deducted 0.30 from the number received for the wrong answer and the total pass mark 48. and everyone has to pass individuals subjects like Fro Bangla – 8 marks, English -8 marks and General Knowledge – 17 marks.

DU – C(Ga) Unit Exam Procedure

This C unit is for students of Business Studies. In the admission test, there will be a total of 100 questions in 120 numbers. And 1 hour will be scheduled for the exam.

Distribution of Marks for C unit:

English -30
Management – 30
Total -120
The number will be cut for the wrong answer in the admission test.

A correct answer number will be deducted for every 5 wrong answers. That means, for every wrong answer, 0.24 will be deducted from obtained marks. This number will deduct subject wise.

DU – D(Gha) Unit Exam Procedure

Merit list will be based on a total of 200 Marks. 80 based on Marks SSC and HSC GPA. These marks are calculated by multiplying SSC GPA (with optional) by multiplying by 6 and multiplying by 10 with HSC GPA (with optional).

The remaining 120 marks will be held in the MCQ system.
For the MCQ examinations of 120 marks, a total of 100 questions will be answered and the time will be given 1 hour.
The value of each question is 1.2.
For every wrong answer, 0.30 number will be cut.
Three subjects should be examined:

Bengali: 30 Marks
English: 30 Marks
General Knowledge (Bangladesh Affairs + International Affairs): 60 Marks

To pass the admission test, you will get minimum of 8 marks each subject with a total of 48 marks.

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Dhaka University Admission Details in a Nutshell (A, B, C & D Unit)